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So I’m thinking of getting a Penny Board.
I ride a RipStik as of right now.
I would use the Penny pretty much for riding around on.
Maybe I’ll try to learn some tricks, but in the meantime, I’ll just use it as a means of transportation.

What do you guys think? I’ve seen a lot of people with Penny’s lately, and they look like fun. Can anybody who rides a Penny tell me a little about them and if they would be good for cruising around with? Thanks!

They’re fun.

But if you’re into serious carving or cruising, and want something that will actually last a long time:

thanks! I’m not really looking for something serious, but idk. I think I’ll just wait for now… Thanks.

There is a vinyl cruiser out there called the Stero Vinyl Cruiser. Put Grip Tape on it. Change the bearings. It is funner with grip tape on it.

ok, cool! Thanks again, Noonar!

No prob.

It also comes with free sunglasses which is cool.

Uhmm there fun for like stuntin, but if your just like strolling around, I recommend getting like a z-flex board, there killer

ok, thanks for the advice guys! :slight_smile:

Dude penny boards are the best
Im using a penny nickel Its awesome
The Nickel is a couple inches bigger and fits my needs great
These things are built from god for the sole purpose of fun and smoothness.

I have one. They’re pretty good for just getting from point A to B and definitely get the job done. For basic transportation, it’s killer. But, like Noonar said, if you want to get more serious, look for other stuff.

I’d say get a stereo. Higher quality plastic, cheaper, and you get some shades :stuck_out_tongue:

really? Is a Stereo Cruiser really better? (I mean quality-wise btw). Will it last longer etc?

The Decks are a little stiffer and the trucks are not as good. They also need a bearing change.

Penny boards have better wheels trucks, and a more flexible deck. Stereos do come with cool shades and are cheaper though…

huh… Let me tell a little about my skating “history” (if you can call it that).

I had a skateboard for a while (pretty cruddy one. Wouldn’t turn no matter how had I tried.) I finally got ok at skating, but I still couldn’t make it turn. Just kind of tilt a bit. It was incredibly frustrating and not a very good experience, especially since I was trying to learn on that board.

Later on I got a RipStik. It looked pretty cool and I had tried one in a store. It seemed simple enough, so when I saw them at a store for $50, I figured, “why not?” I tried very hard to learn it, but the movements and two wheels threw me off… Literally… About a year later, I picked it back up and finally learned how to ride it. To this day, I still ride it around a bit, but it’s not my favorite means of transportation. I like how it can turn on a dime, but it’s not the best over anything other than fairly smooth cement. I don’t plan on riding this thing through gravel and dirt roads, I’d just like something that doesn’t feel like its going to fall apart every time I run over a pebble or something.

With all that being said, I’m looking at Penny Boards most closely. They look portable, fun, fairly easy to maintain, etc. My price range would be probably no more than $100. Do you have any other suggestions for me, please post them! I’d like something portable, fun to ride, etc. I’d like it to last a while (I probably won’t be using at a skate park or anything, just riding around on it).

I’m almost done, I just have one more thing I’d like to address: I don’t want a full blown skateboard, and I don’t really want a longboard. I’m looking for something Penny like. I’ve heard Penny’s are easier to ride than normal boards. That’s what I’m looking for… Something fun and fairly easy to ride.

Alright, I’m all done. Any suggestions? Post them! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok then. It’s settled, you want a Penny Board. Great Choice.

The bushings on there are nice and soft, so with adjustment, it should turn nice and smooth.

I personally have a Stereo Vinyl Cruiser that I bought off amazon for about 50bucks, and it is awesome after I did some upgrades to it!!! Just buy some new abec 7 bearings, put some cool griptape on it, and sticker bomb the bottom and you’ll have an awesome board!!! I’m really content with my board and I’ve had it for about 5 months now. (This is just my opinion based on my experience with the product though.)

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Hey guys, I decided to post this up as a random page for penny boarders, so post up whatever you want. Also I have a question if anyone can answer this, but how much are penny boards in California, or where you live? In RI they are $110.

Don’t live in Cali, but down here in Texas, I got one for $90, if my memory serves me well. So, a slight fluctuation in the price between our regions.

Jeepers, why so expensive? Weren’t those boards the cheap ones when we were kids? :wink:

Haha, I myself don’t know because I’m still a “kid” at 13.