Penny Board Vs. Nickel Board


Hey guys!

My school year is starting pretty soon and I’m looking into either getting a nickel or penny board to ride to and from school and to just cruise around when bored . I like the penny board because of the portability and I could probably throw it in my backpack. On the other hand, I like the looks of the Nickel board. I’m new to skating so it would be easier to stand on and more comftorable for my 9.5 shoe size. Any input or opinions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks guys!


I had an old deck with the exact same stats as a nickel but was made of wood so go with nickel its portable and your foot will fit on it well.


They both suck, they’re fashion accessories for posers.


true. but you are not the one buying it.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #5

You’ll be less likely to hurt yourself on the nickel, especially if you don’t have much experience skating.


what would you re commend?



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I’d get a longboard if you just want to cruise. There are various kinds and shapes to pick from.

(major_seventh) #9

Penny can fit in your backpack or locker most likely.


I’m also a similar shoe size and I’m buying a Nickel. I’ve tried my mate’s Penny and it’s just a little too small for my liking (good fun though), so the idea of a slighty larger one is great.

Longboards are obviously great for cruising around but I think it’s just the convenience factor of having a smaller board that’s appealing to me.


Check out the Earthwing MiniGlider.