Any fellow longbaorders on here?


Anyone? I have some mega sweet hills around my area and I just caught about 50 mph when it was almost pitch black out. Anyone else on here longboard?

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MEEEE! Although I only have a sector 9 :confused:


Idk why people hate on sector 9s. they’re decent boards:)


I have a Sector 9 also. And a Penny and Stereo Vinyl if those count…


Penny’s are fun but over-priced, imo.


I love longboarding. I mainly carve and ride downhill, but I’m gonna get into sliding soon. I currently ride a Gravity Drop-Thru Makai with 74a Gravity Blazers wheels and Randal 180 trucks.


Yeah, that’s true. But they’re durable and last a long time. :slight_smile:


Nicee bro!


I concur.


Yeah, it has a really smooth ride and very rarely speed wobbles. I just learned I have an extremely long downhill bike trail that welcomes longboards near me, so I want to check that out before the weather gets colder.

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Yeahhhh, they are nice, but nothing too special about them. I would much rather prefer a BC Eel.


Try Omon or w/e they’re called, they are insaneeeeee


awesome dude!


For DH I ride a Chinook on randalls with venom bushings and Big Zigs and for free riding i’ve got a never summer revolt on paris with venom bushings and duval killawatts.


i have a sector 9 and a landyachtz … selling them both if anyone is interested 8)


I got into longboarding about 7 months ago for my commute to work. My first board was a big 'ol cruiser from sector9 (don’t understand the hate for these boards. I’ve ridden on 3 different decks from them, and they were all pretty decent) but now I wanna get more into free riding and sliding. I just recently got an Earthwing Miniglider with indy’s and some orangatang fat frees. ;D

I love this little guy. I learned how to do a boneless a few nights ago on it. Although…I hurt my bone in the process. :stuck_out_tongue: