Long boarding people?


Who else here longboards? I’m trying toy get one, and already can skateboard.

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I have a Penny that I ride quite a bit but I don’t wanna spend money on a longboard until I know a good one to get for a beginner.

Any suggestions?


Man, I don’t really know. I would try to help, but there’s a whole bunch of choices, kinda like yoyos. You could go over to silverfishlongboarding.com, there’s a active bunch of longboarders there. I guess you could ask them what to get, that’s what I did. I’m trying to get a Nelson Spindrift. A good store I’ve heard of is Muir skate. So yeah, I don’t really know much yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 'fish is where its at. I have a bunch of stuff I am selling, like wheels, trucks, bushings, and 3 decks. If anyone is interested I could get some pictures.

Especially Nemyo, I have everything you need and could hook you up with a nice sweet deal

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I cruise sometimes on my bros sector 9 cruiser. SECTOR 9…yeaaaaaahh boyyyyy!


Get an Earthwing

inexpensive and one of the best companies out there

please don’t get a sec9.

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Can you link me? Earthwing sounds good, being inexpensive and good (according to you, which I trust because you post quality stuffs) which is perfect because Im just starting out.


I have a santa cruz pintail, love it.


Just got a ticket for 100$ for riding my longboard in the street on the way home from the store… Great!!!


Sector 9 or get anything that Originals Skateboards makes. They’ll  last you a good amount of time.



Whats wrong with sector 9? What makes you dislike it?


Sector 9 Wheels suck. They make excellent decks. I’ve had one long ago.


Original and Gravity


Again: Earthwing.
Also check out Bustin.


Just got a original free ride 38 w concave.


Have fun. Wear a helmet.

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Rocking a Landyachtz urban assault right now with 120mm independent trucks and 77mm 80a hogs for wheels. It’s a nice speed setup but I wish I had a board that was a bit more stable. Something with a drop through setup.


I ride a bustin boards complex deck, its really cool, and nice.
I don’t know much about how other decks though.



Especially if you ever want to bomb hills.


I have 3 drop thru decks I’d be willing to get rid of for CHEAP!