any longboarders out there?

hey ive herd of yoyoers that skateboard but not of any yoyoers that longboard. and im not talking you own a sector nine that you use to get to school and back i mean people like me that actually go in it as an indepth hobby. so what is your set up? whos your favorite rider? favorite brand? any good scrapes? any good videos? lets start the posts. btw i own a landyachtz DH urban assualt with 10 inch independent trucks 77mm 80z hawgs wheels and bones swiss bearings. my favorite style is downhill. wish i could get into sliding.

right now I ride a longboard larry salamander with paris 180s, abec striker wheels, generic bearings and khiro white bushings. I mainly use it as a cruiser cause thats really all its set up for, but I used to do some downhill and sliding stuff when I owned a Loaded dervish. Favorite brand would probably be Longboard Larry or Loaded. My worst fall was when I was bombing a hill on my first Sector 9 city crusher… got rediculous speed wobble while doing around 40, tried to bail, and ended up superman-ing into the middle of the street. And that kids, is why you should wear your helmet :wink:

cool story bro. wobbles suck. ive taken many good spills due to wobbles. once write after i fell a bunch of juniors drove by pointing and laughing at me. it sure did addd insult to injury.

My brother does and I kind of do but I kind of scared after getting a green stick fracture while riding one.We have two pretty cool boards I don’t know anything about them but I know they’re not total crap.

Yea longboarding can get scary if your hitting high speeds.

Landyachtz switchblade with grizzly’s and zombie hawgs. Love it for everything.

nice! im looking into getting a landyachtz switch as my urban assualt is just torn to shreds. how good is the switchblade since its like the same as a switch just with little differences.

No issues with anything, except can hurt your feet on really long flats because of the W.

well I used to longboard, but now I mountainboard and downhill (mtb) more.
I used to ride a sector 9… something. it was like 2 or 3 years ago, so I don’t really remember much. but I remember last time I tried to bomb a hill, I hit a pretty ridiculously big rock in the street that sent me flying. got some nasty road rash, and broke the hard casing of my “reusable” helmet.

And I remember first time I got wobble on a mountain board. that was scary. lol
Nothing like the feeling that you’re about to crash while strapped onto your board.

i ride a sector 9 sunset with 180 gullwings and in heat orangutans

I have a Loaded Dervish with Paris Trucks and in heat purple Orangatangs. Man I love sliding and downhill. The fastest I got was 30mph. Man its a rush. Of course while wearing a helmet. I’ve seen so many people ride downhill without a helmet.:(.

i have a sector 9 joel tudor edition deck with gull wing trucks and brand new abec 11 flashback wheels. I tried bombing the hill i live on but i cut up my knee and elbow pretty bad so i stopped for about a month but then i started up again, just getting into sliding.

globe pinner with nineballs and slant trucks :wink:

Got a loaded vanguard!!! Now I actually have a real board besides my sector 9 is has purple balats from otang and 180mm randels soooo excited!!!

I just got a switchblade deck… i got some bigfoot marble wheels …and can’t remember what trucks i have …

i just started so i am trying to learn to slide … but … yea you need a lot of speed … geez its nuts … and scary as hell catching speed, its not like on snow ( i snowboard too) … where you know you can bust your … and fall on snow … but i can catch speed on a snowboard cus i have been snowboarding for a while … but this year snowfall was to a minimum so … i am carving up the roads/parking lots … lol

you guy have any tips for someone new? … anyone try to do a yoyo while long boarding video? that would be funny.

I have yoyoed while longboarding but i havent bombed any hills while doing it! lucky you have a switchblade deck! i want a drop speed or a switch.

Well im not experienced but im just starting out really i have a sector 9 and a Penny(i believe its considered a longboard). Ive been trying to go down hills and it is really fun though how do you guys stop? I usually footbrake but i was wondering if there was any better way other than riding it out and sliding

yea foot braking is best for beginners like me lol … but the best way of fastest way is to do a slide … which is hard but i think if you go fast enough … its easier … i just gotta ride more and try to slide.

btw i have an extra sector 9 deck if anyone interested lol … actually not sure how much shipping will be or where I would get a box that fits … so nvm

You could always bail, but that leads to injury. the penny board is considered a cruiser (i have a santa cruz landshark) but those are fun too.

santa cuz landshark is fun, penny is ok but i like my bros sector 9 windnsea better than my penny