Anybody here FingerBoard, if so whats your favorite kind
or whats your set up i ride tech deck and kayle


I always wondered if these were still a thing anywhere. In early high school I had a few tech decks that I used a little. Never was good, just messed around.

(major_seventh) #3

Used to use some techdecks. Mastered the ollie, tre flip, grinds, and some other stuff.


yo, i have a flatface g15 deck with ytrucks and ywheels!


yo! thats sick


I have a few Tech Decks, and I used to be able to do basic tricks and flips. I might get back into it now.

(yoyobro!) #7

I dug out some old tech decks recently and have been trying to do some of the basics. At this point I can’t even Ollie, any tips?


roll it back a little before the trick

(yoyobro!) #9

Ok, is doing it on a plastic table going to make a difference? Like one of those folding ones, it has a little give whenever I push down on it.


it could actually help! Other than that the surface doesn’t realy matter