Stereo or Penny

(Owen) #1

Which board should I get?

(Kei) #2

I have a stereo and I LOVE IT. A lot of people prefer Pennys but on the other hand a lot of people prefer Stereos. Stereos come with sunnies.
Like these -----> 8)
But cooler

It all boils down to your preferences. Also the Stereo wheels are not the “greatest” according to some people. I think they are fine. Go to your local skateshop (If you have one) and really examine them for yourself.
You’ll have fun with either one!


I prefer the Penny, just my opinion…
I had a stereo, sold it, got a Penny. Smoother, better stock wheels, and better stock bearings. Alec Campbell prefers it to the Stereo as well. Though, I did like my stereo, fun board. :slight_smile:

(Owen) #4

I think ima get a stereo
Thanks for the help!


My friend has a stereo I think…