Northstar & Shutter - Beginner Observation


I just started throwing and I got a Northstar while waiting for my Shutter to come in. After researching, I was expecting the Shutter to be amazing. Here’s the thing - I like the Northstar better. Yes, the Shutter has a smoother and quieter spin, but the Northstar is more comfortable for me and I hit more tricks with it. Also, the Northstar is heavier than the Shutter, but feels like it plays much lighter. Does anyone have recommendations for future throws?


Just an observation - Maybe you prefer the Northstar because that’s what you’re used to, having used it while waiting for your Shutter. Familiarity can strongly influence preference.


I’ve heard the NorthStar be compared to the Genesis.


It could also be the shape like some people prefer more V shapes than H shapes I know that’s how I am wit some yoyos.


Yeah I absolutely hate the shape of the Shutter. I’m not gonna buy it because I KNOW I will hardly play with it no matter how good it may seem.
And I too have to admit it, I like my speedaholic and northstar much more over my rally.

(major_seventh) #6

Sometimes yo-yos have to kinda “grow on you” before you like them.

I’d just give it sometime. But Northstars are boss… I can see why you might like it more lol.


Thanks everyone. Yea, I’ve heard good things about the Genesis, might have to check it out. I have a Triton coming in tomorrow so I’ll see how it compares.


Both are great, but I just LOVE the Northstar. The king of the ringed plastics.


I agree, I got a shutter and it’s a 7 IMHO… not a huge fan, I LOVE my AC2, but the shutter, I can take it or leave it. I actually prefer my Echo 2, but then again, I do like how well it grinds.


I absolutely love my Hubstack genesis. It’s my fav throw to this point.

(major_seventh) #11

I think I like the Rally more though :wink:
Northstar a close second for sure!


The look of the old Northstars was just fantastic.

Dat neon orange.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I prefer the play of the Rally, as well as the better build quality. However, dat neon orange… it’s just so shmexy…


The caps are fine and aren’t poked through by the axle!?!? IMPOSSIBLE!