Looking for something fun

Hey I’m suddenly super tempted to buy a skater. Would any of yall recommend it? And if so, what do yall like about it?

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As a skater back in the day, I was really pumped to get one when they first came out. I hate to say this, but for me, it was a let down. IMHO, there are many other options in that price range that are superior, in the same material or different. As I recall, it wasn’t horribly stable. Mind you this is very subjective, you may love it. I know I was so unimpressed with it, I only threw it only for a few more days after my initial play, and put it in a case. It hasn’t been touched since.

I’ve got one of the small bearing ones, and would definitely recommend that over the large bearing release. It’s super smooth and fun to just play around with.

I loved the Sk8r. Next to the OD Cabal it’s my favorite delrin yoyo. Need to get a small bearing version, as I think I’d love that even more! I’d highly recommend one as well.

Thank you for the honest feedback🙏

Good to know! One drop makes some amazing throws so I imagine the cabal would be pretty great lol. Hopefully they make another delrin yoyo in the future.

Sweeeeet I love a smooth throw lol

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