Need some input

Hey guys,

I’m looking at buying a new throw and am just after some input/ideas on what to get, i dont really have a ceiling on how much to spend but id really rather not spend over $150. The yo yo will be used exclusivly for 1A tricks. I currently have a YYF Grind Machine and a YYF Super G, i dont mind the Grind Machine but i really love the Super G, I love the extreme H shape.

I’ve only been throwing for about a few weeks since a friend got bored with it and gave me his throws, and since then i’ve learned most of the front style tricks and have moved on to the side style tricks, i have trapeze, double or nothing and matrix down pat and just got the laceration to the point where i can land it 90% of the time.

I almost always use the Super G but i find myself switching to the Grind Machine every now and then despite its sever inferiority (i dont know if it had been damaged or something but its very unstable compared to the Super G) so im looking for something different and of higher quality to my Super G for variety.

What im really after in my next yo yo is stability and would prefer a full sized throw, i’d been thinking about the XCube Stampede since id heard its very stable but wanted some input.

Thanks guys

Edit: after doing some more reaserch i think id rather something with a standard C bearing rather than the metric bearing in the stampede, would also prefer a more standard width rather than the wider stampede.

extreme h wing, any price, c sized, high quality? the avant garde 2 seems perfect for you!

also the glacier express

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yeah Glacier Express was one i was considering, i’ll look into it some more, hand’nt really looked at the Avant Garde as i already have two YYF throws and wanted to try out another company.

Thanks heaps for the input.

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no problemo! i acually havent tried them, based off reviews and other topics i read :slight_smile: dang i feel awesome!!

I don’t understand why people are so picky when it comes to bearing size. I love my Stampede, one of my best yoyos! I think the way your going in terms of shape would be Avant Garde 2.

I do.

I find the B bearings are too slim and are only good for play that requires responsive type play, such as 2A and 4A.

A and D sized bearings, mostly due to the fact most companies use a large sticker response, tend to be too response for my preferences. I know it’s not the bearing’s size itself, it’s the response method. But I also find that for me, A and D bearings I don’t play as clean with. Chalk it up to my lack of skills.

Regarding C and Euro C, they play the same to me. I prefer C sized bearings.

At the same time, I won’t dismiss a yoyo strictly based on bearing size.

I’d say though, to address the OP’s issue with choosing a C, I think it has to do with the fact that this bearing is so common. The odds are high that whatever the OP chooses will be an A, C or D. Those bearing sizes, along with euro-C bearings are all readily available and therefore should not be a reason to avoid buying a yoyo in and if itself.