I have about 60 dollars and I am looking for a new throw (NOT YYF)

I have 60 dollars and I want to branch off from Yoyofactory. I like undersized, big gaps, not terribly wide but wide. 66+Grams. NOT PAD RESPONSE. Preferably C sized bearing.


The H-spin Icon is  a really nice yoyo for about $60 and after playing with one at worlds i would reccomend it even if it has a smaller bearing.


Since you can do the research yourself, I’ll only tell you what came to mind whenever I read your post.

Audley Viruses are nice.

YoYoJam Kicksides are very nice.

Terrapin/AIGR/10B Bearings are nice.

If you like the undersized yoyo’s the one drop dingo is the one for you and i cost 50 or so. http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/159/Dingo

One Drops, the newer Spyy stuff, and some of the YoYoJam metals(Eneme, Axiom) seem to fit your preferences.


Can you not read (NOT YYF)

undersized is one thing, mini is another, My ministar would play horribly if it were a mm smaller. The dingo is too small for me (but maybe not for you :wink: )