DONE. Remove Please

So im buying myself a yoyo for my birthday either today or tomorrow. I was wondering what you guys like better. I’ve owned a cascade, thats why I want another one, because it was so good! Buuuuuut… i also like to try new things. The Drop Bear looks AWESOME and some of the reviews ive seen are extremely good. I cant get both, and I both are my preferred specs so im just wondering what you guys prefer. I think im going to get a cascade but if the drop bear is super good i might get it instead.

Also suggest anything else you guys think I’d like. I like everything I have no preferences really. Thanks!

Edit: I also really like the look of the spyy revenger. What do you guys think of that?

I recently got a SPYY revenger off of the BST and I love it. It really isn’t all that wide. It’s pretty comfortable to hold. It feels solid on the string and the size of the yoyo doesn’t get in the way much at all. It will take very little time for you to adjust to your tricks to accommodate it. It has that smooooooooth SPYY spin and beadblast so it grinds pretty well. Thumb grinds are still do-able.

The one thing that I don’t like about this yoyo is that no matter how I put it in my pocket, it always felt uncomfortable.

I’d recommend it. It’s a pretty fun throw. Forgot to mention the engravings are killer :wink:

too late. Bought a cascade. I know i like it and i wanted another after i traded my last one!