Next yoyo choice? Drop Bear?


Ok, so I don’t have an unlimited budget for yoyos. However, I try to stretch my budget by focusing on a few top notch yoyos, rather than many mid-end types.

I’ve been back into yoyoing about four months. Took twenty years or so off. :slight_smile: I’m currently stuck in that matrix/kwijibo/StG/cold fusion kinda zone.

I currently have a Code 2, CLYW Chief, Arctic Circle, Glacier Express, and ILYY Leopleurodon.

From the yoyos above, I tend to go to the Code 2 the most often because it’s consistent. That said, I find it to lack personality. A bit like driving a car with amazing power steering and a superb automatic transmission. Amazing, but I can’t fall in love. I love the Chief, but find it to be a bit vague. In other words, it works so darn well I lose track of it. The Arctic Circle (to me) is all chest and shoulders. Full of energy. I find it to be very string type dependent, but superb with the correct string. (Twisted Strings Type B is close for me.) The Glacier Express is sooo stable. Finger grinds are great (I have large but thin hands.) That said, it really needs to stay on axis (upright) for me. That’s the only way it’s unforgiving…but such that I tend to go to it only for specific tricks. The Leo is just beautiful. I never play it, but I’d never let it go.

So…the above isn’t intended to be a review of any sort. Just wanted to give you an idea of how a few of the yoyos many of you are familiar with feel to me. Hopefully that will help you help me with my next purchase. ;D

I’m looking to start developing into tighter type combos, such as black hops. I’m also pretty weak on whips/slacks. I definitely like my One Drop made yoyos (including the Cheif and AC.) I’d prefer to keep with US, Canadian, and maybe Japanese yoyos (never tried one.) The few undersized throws I’ve tried weren’t stable enough for my preference. I’ve been kinda waiting for the CLYW Puffin, but I’m starting to think that maybe I’m just into the status of CLYW, and need to make sure I’m considering all my options.

I’ll admit to having a fascination with the Ten Yoyo Drop Bear. I love the ILYYesque hub, the cool transition from smooth hub to angular rims. Also, I’m attracted to what both Chris Rhoads of and our own Njstringer mentioned about it’s suicide ability in their reviews. I’m also under the impression that its slightly narrow width would assist in tighter tricks like black hops.

That said, none of my other yoyos are that light, or are they as narrow for their diameter. I’m mostly worried that it might suffer in the spin time department. I like an aggressive spin. :slight_smile:

So, whaddya think? What other yoyos should I consider? Ti isn’t in the budget…but anything else is in consideration.

I know I should try a whole bunch…but I don’t often have the opportunity, can’t really get a good feel from 5 minutes of play, and…well, am kinda impatient and want to order something soon to play with next week.

Well, if you’ve read this far…get a life. But thank you for your extreme lack of anything better to do. It just might rival my own. :smiley: And it’s greatly appreciated.

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sorry, can’t help with your decision, but…

…damn, i’m kinda jealous that a fellow beginner level player has such a collection


I absolutely love the Drop Bear. It can handle anything. Its such a fun, interesting yoyo. My girlfriend is roughly at your skill level, and its her favorite throw. Its slightly narrow, but in a good way. I think you’ll enjoy it.


I wish I could add, but I’m not at your level, so I think you should be the one giving me advice instead. :wink: I hope you decide on something great. I want to give this a bump so others can take a stab at it.


I would definently spring on the drop bear. Smooth, stable, plus Roo is a great guy!


You speak the truth!


Arg! I snoozed and lost. The last 3 red Drop Bears have been sitting there for a month. I finally go to pull the trigger and they’re gone.

I guess I’ll have to wait. Not my style. :slight_smile: I prefer to take months to make a decision, and then need the thing I’ve put off for months NOW.

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