Got $105 need suggestion on yoyo

I just got some money and wanted to get your opinion on a good buy. I might get 2 yoyos too

edit below in red

I am looking for a smooth yoyo that can play moderately fast. I want something that I could use for competition. Shape and grinding aren’t that important to me. I am open to new options. recently I have been leaning towards under 64 grams, but only a little. I prefer 54mm diameter and up( oversized). But if it’s a good yoyo…

List: capless( really want one but it’s out of stock), facade, drop bear

Yoyos I have: code 2, code 1, KLR, grind machine 2(metal), spin factor x

If you know a good yoyo just list it below.


drop bear or capless is my question. money is not a factor
I like the drop bear colorway better but the capless is a more limited run.

There are Capless’ on another shop.

Well, that just enough for a Juggernaut or a REV-1 Overhaul, though not with shipping-costs

uuuhh I would have to say either something recrev, or a one drop. Or you can keep saving and go with something more expensive, like a clew if you want.

the boss is amazing and you can also buy a protostar with the excess money

S> my capless.

Drop bear is a little light for my tastes, but then again, I love this here Irony lol.

drop bear is no doubt one of my favorite yoyos, its really stable and great for long combos in fact I will be using it at worlds this year

I still love my drop bear. Really great throw, it has made me rethink my yoyo spec preferences.

Hell of a feeling, huh? :].

Yup. Never thought a light throw could play so well, and I really appreciate the fact that it’s less wide than a lot of throws lately; makes it more maneuverable.

I can’t even say hell on this forum. What a joke LOL.

But yeah, thats what I felt when I got fhz after a few years of throwing. No rim weight lol