Now that christmas is over.....

Is everyone happy with their new yoyo’s , or is the yoyo you received not up to your expectations?

Christmas just started…

I got a Yoyojoes edition YYF Severe, YYF C-13, and a 100 pack of orange Alchemy String.

The Severe is amazing, it plays amazing, and even more than that it LOOKS AMAZING! It’s the greatest looking yo-yo I’ve ever seen.

The C-13 looks pretty cool, plays great, and the grinds are insane. I was worried it wouldn’t fit in my hand right but it’s GREAT! I might slap some hubstacks on there just to mess around a little.

Alchemy String, well, it is amazing at slacks, whips, and lacerations, and it lasts FOREVER, plus it’s orange, so it’s pretty much amazing too.

So yeah, I love everything I got. They were up to my expectations and then some. And then some more. And then even some more.

Yesssss…Hspin NVx rocksss

YES the 888x rocks! the black one is the bomb and its grinds are amazing im doing so many hand grinds just to feel the surface!

Love my protostar.

Holy cow i love my 5Star. Its so smooth and spins uber long. I love the graphic on it , plus the colors too. So worth it.

love my hayabusa and YYE shirt. I can do some awesome offstring now. I also got 75$ to spend on YYE… I may get an 888x…
Im happy!!! ;D ;D ;D

<----Theres my present ;D not the yoyo, the thing behind it lol Im totally satisified!

i finally got my G5 8)


yeaa i love my x convict and my dark magic

I didn’t get any yoyos for christmas.
Didn’t want any,
But I got a piano so I am happy.

That’s SICK.

Now don’t let your window open, tuning a piano is pain.

I got a pgm (blue and yellow), and energy by barco (purple/pink) and a mini motrix. (red)
I wanted that selmer alto sax that was $1400. Lol

all i got was a die-nasty but it is still awesome

Grind Machine 2.2 :smiley:

2.2? ???

dude i’m sooooo happy!!!i got a blue atmosphere,a red lunatic,a metalica poster,and on christmas i got 135 dollars for yoyo expert so in the mail i’m getting a black yyf 888x, extra blue hubstacks,100 yellow slick 6 strings, and a yyj 10th aniversary t-shirt. i also got the new ledgend of zelda spirit tracks game. i’m sooooo happy !!