Not regreting yoyo puchases

A.K.A. buying a yoyo that was past your expectations! I am not saying your favorite yoyo, I am saying a yoyo that is better than what you expected! (Write this down on a peice of paper so you won’t forget! :P)

For me it would be my PGM! When you buy a plastic that is only 25 bucks you might expect the yoyo will be cruddy. Well, not the PGM! I have never had a snag on it! I is probalbly the best grinding plastic out there! And it has hubstacks! Not great thumb grinds though. Is WAY better than my X Convict and any DM I have ever tried! (my opinion) I has a nice wide gap and is DEAD responcive! Then, when you become an expert you end up playing with expencive metals. But the best part of the PGM is that it is a GREAT and CHEAP 5a player! Therefor, if you get into 5a you will probalbly never stop playing with it!

And also it the 5*! You might not expect much from a small yoyo company. And i admit, a lot of other yoyos look better like CLYW’s. But I bought the general yo at the dxl and was my 2nd metal but is to this day my favorite yoyo! (I might like the Hatrick better though! lol! :D) It has RADICAL thumb and palm grinds! And it is smooth and overall my favorite yoyo!

bully, its my perfect yoyo, i dont think i could design a yoyo that i liked more

Die-Nasty… I bought it because it was cheap and I needed a 5A throw… So my expectations were kinda low and then I almost cried when I broke it

Hatrick… I was just so suprised by how amazing it was. Everything about it-- it’s grinding surface, feel/shape/ smoothness. It thought it would just be your average yo-yo, but heck no… It exceeded my expectations.

Peak. I thought it wasn’t gonna be this good.

Athmosphere. I thought of it as my only bi-metal, but it turned out to be a lot beter than I though.

Both my FH0s. I love them a lot, and I got them for sooo cheap, I didn’t expect this.

Cream. I was expecting an awesome yoyo, but it was more than that.

BOSS, I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again, it made all other yoyos I tried at worlds feel lame and boring.

Project 2 and my 888

Catch 13. I have to say, in the beginnings of my throwing of it, I wasn’t too in love with it. Unstable, easy to spin out, pretty vibey.

Now that I’ve mastered it, I can’t believe it’s not butter.

Haha, nice.

My Dv888, when I bought it, I didn’t think there would be anything special about it other than it was just a good yo-yo. Because it was metal, people said it was better, but I didn’t expect this. ;D

Never regretted anything really.

I’m with Nova!

Bully - I usually prefer undersized / lighter, but the Bully is really fun to play - very stable, and just spins forever.

Legacy. It was my first yoyo after a 10 year break and I still play with it just as much as my metal.

Dv888. It kills your grandmother. But not for reasons that Nova stated.

Its that good.

Okay then?

I heard they ding easily.


Yeah, when hitting Heavy Creams they do. Also when people touch them a lot, along with other yoyos.

Eats cookie

same with me and i just got it about a week ago and it is my new favorite throw beating my dm


My Superstar is the best ive played with and my G5 and the cheapest but the bet plastic ive played with is my counter attack. :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D 8) :-X :-*