Not regreting yoyo puchases

Kickside… smooth and durable!

CLYW Wooly Marmot and M1

I’d say every yo-yo I’ve bought so far has exceeded my expectations based on my level of experience when I bought each of them. My Lyn Fury blew me away when I first got it because it was my first unresponsive (and quality) yo-yo, not to mention it was my first throw in like 10 years ;D. My Dark Magic blew me away because it was my introduction to metal rimmed yo-yos. My Hitman impressed me because it narrowed down my comfort zone in terms of shape, size, weight, etc. and the DV888 and BOSS are just self explanatory as intros to high quality metals. Maybe I just spend a little too much time researching before buying ;), but it’s just exciting to me how there’s a whole world of high quality items like this that continue to deliver and exceed expectations. I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but to sum it up, at this point in my yo-yoing venture, each one has shaped me into the player I am today, so in my eyes there’s nothing to regret.