Nominate active forum folk for 6 mystery box surprises!


Per discussion from Help me give away these $200 mystery box items! the consensus was “nominate folks”, so feel free to nominate here by replying!

Some quick guidelines:

  • Must be an active forum member (for a reasonable definition of the word “active”)

  • US or Canada folks only please

  • One nomination per person, no duplicates! If someone has already been nominated, just press the :heart: button on that post instead :wink:

  • Please don’t nominate people who say they don’t want to be nominated (see list below, I made this post a wiki so anyone can edit it). If someone is accidentally nominated that does not wish to be, PM me and I’ll delete the nomination and add that person to the opt-out list below.

  • At the end of next week (Dec 14th), the top 6 people by likes will get one of the 6 random mystery metal yo-yo gifts pictured in the link at the top of this post.

  • FYI – I’m gonna delete :x: any random conversation posted here in my contest topic so we can focus on the actual nominations. No offense intended, just trying to keep us focused on the goals!

So, scroll through and see if the person you wish to nominate has already been nominated. If not, press the Reply button to add them. If they have, slap that LIKE :heart: button to indicate your support!

:mega: Please do not nominate the following folks as they are either ineligible or opting out of consideration:

  • YYE mods or staff
  • codinghorror
  • smileypants
  • zslane
  • theolodger (not in the USA)
  • glenacius_K (not in the USA)
  • Rosenberg
  • Invaderdust
  • press edit and add your name here if you also want to opt out

Remember, most likes :heart: determines the 6 winners so be generous with those likes!

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Help me give away these $200 mystery box items!
Thanks all
({John15}) #2


(Tyler) #3

I’ll nominate @anon19434144
I see him active on here pretty much every day


I nominate @ZaYoBoy he hasn’t been around for a while, but I’m hoping he comes back!

(Francisco) #7

@yoyo_girl_700 nominated


I nominate @yoyodoc because he has so much knowledge to share… and he ain’t afraid to share it with alla you maroons! For one thing, I couldn’t have gotten my stuck yoyo apart without his cool “how to achieve the strength of five gorillas (when taking apart a yoyo)” video!

(shubham) #25

i nominate @MastarMash.

(Joseph) #29

I nominate @Marm :wink:

(Evan Landreneau) #30

I nominate @TheYoyoer27


I nominate @shatterFX


I nominate @Dalex last year he picked up a real yoyo for the first time and now he has already surpassed my skills.

(Alexander) #34

I nominate @joshxz for teaching me most of those skills!


I would nominate Theolodger if he was eligible. He spreads the “likes”!

I nominate @WH0TH3MAN

(Rock Shouse) #39

I nominate @Aragorn


I, the king of Gondor, nominate @rockstar

Dilly dilly

(ClockMonsterLA) #48

I’ll nominate @andy569. He is really knowledgeable and supportive.


I nominate @stevejspins.

(robert clark) #54

I nominate @knowledgeablepixels. Maybe we can save him.

(Mash Mastar) #56

Everyone Look under your seats because I nominate everyone like Opra! In seriousness I nominate @shubham24121996 because you have to be insanely active to notice such a thing!


All right! The six winners!

Congrats to all the winners and happy holidays! Please PM me your address and I’ll get your metal yoyo + bonus item + strings mailed out to you!

edit: all packed up and dropped in the mailbox, will go out in Monday’s mail to all 6 of these folks. Enjoy, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Help me give away these $200 mystery box items!