Help me give away these $200 mystery box items!


I ordered the mega mystery box from @MrYoyoM (who shut down Return Top Shop) and it arrived!

Let’s give these items away to people active here on the forums! But how should I do it?

A few ground rules

  • USA only please, otherwise shipping gets crazy. I can slip Canada in there if it helps as a tip of the hat to Jeremy who of course is Canadian

  • people active on the forum only, for some reasonable definition of the word “active”

  • for the smaller items I will bundle them with one of the metal yo-yos, so you can consider this giveaway “metal yo-yo plus 1 or more bonus items”. I count 6 metal yo-yos in there so six things to give away?

Beyond that recommend me a technique! What is a fair fun way to dole this stuff out as a mini not so secret Santa?

Nominate active forum folk for 6 mystery box surprises!
({John15}) #2

Just 1 election per person?

(Tyler) #3

Maybe put together a list of users that are deemed active, and then just use a random number picker. Everyone has an equal chance in theory
When someone wins, take them off the list and draw another number, rinse, repeat.

(ClockMonster) #4

Can I recuse myself from the list, please? I have too many yoyos already!

(Evan Landreneau) #6

Maybe you can make this a contest for the best joke or something like that.


Nope, now I’m sending them all to you! (Also you’re a yo-yo snob anyway, you wouldn’t like these brands :wink: )


Oh that’s a good idea since @Chrisfrancz bumped a yo-yo jokes topic!


I’m with @smileypants707… we should nominate worthy contributors.

(Evan Landreneau) #11

I like that idea better than mine. So I’m going with smileypants dude too.

({John15}) #12

Let’s nominate people, one nominee per person, code can close the thread after a few days and throw the nominees in a random number generator thingy.

(ChrisFrancz) #13

Put yellow smiley face patches on the jeans you wear in your tutorials…

(Evan Landreneau) #14

@codinghorror , give smiling pants dude a yoyo because he really deserves it. He is literally always on this forum and he is a good contributetor.


It is kind of a long story but I already sponsor that player :wink:

(This way he doesn’t need to answer. I mean he is my favorite yo-yoist, after all.)

({John15}) #16

No! I’m not in this!

({John15}) #17

:sweat_smile: @codinghorror is that what this is?


It’s whatever we dream up man!

({John15}) #19

What the heck. Is that a magic flying lawn mower?


Nominations. People with the most nominations get the prizes. Give them to the people who are perceived as most valuable on the forums.


All right, we got multiple votes for nominations!

(Francisco) #22

Nominations seems fun and fair. Another vote for that I guess