Mystery box 2 (spoilers)

Got my 3 mystery boxes today

North has a base camp flight and a jackknife

I got east and west mixed up so I don’t know which came from which box. But one box has a Navigator with a wooden looping yoyo(With the basecamp logo on it) and the other contains the Expedition with the Sherpa

Hope this helps those that wanted to hold off on buying a box.

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I bet you watch your Mom wrap 150 Christmas presents for every living family member. And then the day before Christmas; you contact every single person and tell them what’s in all the packages.

All the Mystery boxes will sell out without you spilling the beans.:flushed:

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Knowing this
I am relieved since I don’t have one single basecamp yoyo yet
and now I got almost complete set (except for moonshine) of Basecamps

you didn’t have to read this if you didn’t want to, I put spoilers in the title for a reason.

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You are correct, they are shifting the blame on you for their lack of impulse control for clicking the link. Thank you for sharing, I think yoyoexpert did a fantastic job, and that these are a great value.

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East is expedition and sherpa

Slightly underwhelmed by my jackknife, I was looking forward to a navigator

Yo-yo master in development

First of all; there’s no ‘they’ here. John; the Board Moderator reads everything. He has no lack of impulse control. Reading posts is what he does. And ‘my’ impulse is 'to read posts. My reading any/every/post is what forums are about… reading posts.

I didn’t even order a Mystery Box. Not 3, not 2, not even one. And had/has no intention to order one.

I think the Mystery boxes are a Great idea. But if living in fear of disappointment of not getting exactly what you want; Mystery boxes are kinda silly; ya think?

I easily have well over 1000 yoyos. And none of them were pre-purchase mysteries, hahahahaha. <Why I have/need a 1000 yoyos is 'the mystery, lol.

… regardless; warnings about Spoilers are about as effective as ‘Wet Paint’ signs. My friend Vince has a True Value hardware store here in San Pedro. There is one wall that they painted with High Gloss paint. The paint is years old but is soooooo shiny it looks wet. Vinces’ Brother in law got a sign from the Hardware side of the Store that says, ‘Don’t touch-wet paint!’. <And the guys sometimes pass the idle time watching customers walk by that wall/look around/ and then TOUCH the paint…HAHAHAHAHA.

Don’t touch, don’t look, do not read, warning, blah, blah…

Seems your impulse was to redirect the lack of impulse control from Silvercobra to John and I.

He should have kept the ‘beans’ to himself. And then if somebody wanted to really know because they are on a budget and can’t afford to buy a mistake; then he could PM them directly.

Nobody appointed SilverCobra a Mystery Angel.

But if he needs a Lawyer; then you got the job, no doubt.



I get what you’re saying, and I don’t think you were being intentionally malicious, but YYE made them mystery boxes for a reason…because they wanted them to be a mystery. I think it’s more a courtesy thing that you don’t go on the board (that you use for free) provided to you by the sellers of the mystery boxes and take away the mystery from the boxes


yoyodoc, you make the forums enjoyable for me. The forums are dying to social media and reddit, and I hate that. You and a handful of others make it great here. I don’t know if your outspoken persona is the same when people meet you, I hope it is. It’s a pleasure reading your posts sir, and if you actually took any offense to what I said, I hope you would understand it was tongue in cheek on my end.

I probably should have bought a box… I didn’t know you get such a good deal for $50. The Navigator is a $120 yo-yo!

He’s even more saucy in person. :slight_smile:

Agreed, by the way, about the decline in popularity of the forums. I prefer them dramatically to the social media/reddit shift the kids are into these days.


Every time I check out the subreddit I can’t help but be disappointed by the shallowness of the conversation. A large percentage is mailday posts (but not in one thread, just scattered everywhere) and self-promotion. Forums are still the place to go for meatier discussions.


I created a new thread about this issue of forums/message boards vs. social media here:,97707.0.html

That way we don’t derail the Mystery Box conversation any further.

Hope folks are digging their mystery boxes. Sounds like these were a killer deal!

I am having trouble with the mail so I am still looking for mine.
The boxes appear to be sold our so were is everyone’s comments?

1000 yoyos? That really is a mystery. You could open a Museum.

I just received my box (E) but I can not open it till later. i know what is in it but the anticipation in still there because the throws are “NEW” to me.

I don’t know why there is no big discussion here. I am the happiest I have been in years with a Mystery Box. The two throws in the East Box are simply amazing.