BST Mystery Boxes are a go! 4 left!


Hey all!
I’m looking to move the rest of the stuff in my BST.
I was thinking about doing mystery boxes for $65 SHIPPED.
There are 8 yo-yos left, among them 4 CLYW’s.
I would use a random generator to determine who gets what.

I don’t want one person to buy one, let the world know they got the best yoyo, and then lose interest for selling anymore.
That being said, Can I get a response of anyone seriously interested in purchasing one?

Extras would include:

YYE 2013 Trading Cards
Kitty String



One yoyo per box?


Well why not list the 8 yoyos out so people know if they should Get in on it


The link is in his signature.


One yoyo per box.
The yo-yos left are:

Y Factor
Super G

You two in?


No money…

(LinkDawg) #7

So 4 boxes with 2 Each or what?


I’m in if I get a BVM.

(⛷) #9

It’s a mystery box! If you know what you’re getting it’s not a mystery. :wink:


Are you serious? :o
As I said before, 1 yoyo per box.
2 per box would be robbing me blind.


What skitrz said.


I’m definitely in . Again it’s 1 yo-yo per purchase. Every purchase is 65$. The more you buy the bigger chance you’ll have the Cliff. I think i’m gonna get something awesome. This is pretty cool that LEDGERYOYO is doing. I think he said that everything is going to be picked by Google’s Random selector. So I don’t think he’ll give the only 4 people who bought it the non CLYW’s. It’s a 50% chance you’ll get a CLYW. Everyone buy this pack. I probably buying two, good luck on whoever get the Cliff!


It’s go time!


What if you get one of the cheaper ones? :-[


That’s the chance you’re going for! It’s a maximum $15 loss on a yoyo that cost more than that, or up to $80 in profit!


Just offer $70 on a more expensive one.


Sorry, act now or not. They’re selling just fine as is!


I should do this with my BST haha :smiley:


4 left folks!