YoYoFactory 2018 Mystery Box Unboxing Contest! - SPOILER ALERT!

(André Boulay) #1

Is your @yoyofactory x YoYoExpert Mystery Box in the mail?! :package: :mailbox_with_mail:

Film your unboxing and share it in this thread - or tag it on Instagram with #yyfmysterybox!

We will give the MOST CREATIVE a $55 Gift Card and ONE RANDOM entry a $55 Gift Card. 2 weeks to enter to give our international friends time!

Don’t worry - no spoilers in this video. :wink:

(Cameron Butler) #2

Here’s my contribution to the YYF Mystery Box Unboxing Contest I have already posted this on my Instagram but better safe than sorry XD

YYF mystery box unboxing

(André Boulay) #3

Really really enjoyed this! Fast turn around too!!! :blush: warning spoiler alert to anyone else looking!


We did an Unboxing at OFF-ROAD YOYO.

(Christopher Bailey) #5

That was bad and good at the exact same time.

(Christopher Bailey) #6

Got mine! But it’s a gift for my birthday in September… I must get creative…

(daniel reaux) #7

(André Boulay) #8

lol. @KesmEyeball - that was hilarious. :blush:

(André Boulay) #9

@woppleflopper - The smoke effect! :flushed:

(Tyler) #10

Link to my unboxing video for the contest!

(Tyler) #11

After I got a chance to watch the video from my phone instead of my computer screen I realized how hard it was to see what was happening in the video. Did a little editing to the photos for the stop motion part to brighten it up so you can actually see it, then put the video back together, and re-uploaded it!

(Tyler) #13

Sorry for posting mine in the wrong spot. I tried to find a thread but didn’t see one :disappointed_relieved:


This is the right spot, all good. Cool video!

(Tyler) #15

Little bump since we’re getting close to two weeks :grin:


(Tyler) #17

When will the winners be announced?


Right Now! :grin:

Grand Prize goes to: @sittingmilk

And the random drawing prize goes to:

Thanks to everyone for participating! It was a hard choice, great videos all around!