Mystery Box Contest #2 Winner


Thought we forgot about this - huh!?

Well to be honest we have had a few crazy weeks here at YoYoExpert and had to play some catch up to make sure we carefully read each post in the 10 pages of posts!  I do apologize for the delay!

So what was in the Mystery Box?
As we mentioned not ‘all’ were identical.  Some people received some slightly different yo-yos but 80% of them did contain the same thing:
1 2.0 YoYo
1 NorthStar YoYo
1 Pack Super Long YoYo String
1 Wooden Japan Benefit YoYo
3 YoYoFactory Stickers

All together this was a great deal to those who scored it.

So who won the “What’s in the YoYoFactory Mystery Box?” Contest:,35634.msg349336.html

It wasn’t easy to determine.  Out of all the posts only two people mentioned a 2.0 and we felt the first person to mention it was the winner.

So the FIRST person to guess there was going to be a 2.0 was…

(Scroll Down)















remy11 will be contacting you to get your box.

Thanks to all who played and congrats again to everyone who was able to score a Mystery Box!

We definitely have more contests planned for the near future!

  • André



(Y yo?2 yo.) #3

envy slaps head that I didn’t think of a 2.0 tells self it’s just a contest tells self I already managed to snag a mystery box





congrats man hope you enjoy it.


whoa thats awesome! congrats man!


darn… i mean… CONGRATS DUDE!



I cant beleive i woN!!!


Congrats! I had two friend who got them, so I just mooched of them


80% contained the same thing? what did the other 20% contain :open_mouth:

(Edmeister) #11

The fact that no one guessed the 2.0 makes me Laugh.
I should’ve guessed it I saw it One week early when I saw someone post it on the BST.
I never thought it would be included.
And the fact that the person who won Just said 2.0 :P.
Still congrats!

On the note of the reply above me.
The 20% I believe contained more then what the 80% Contained.
I heard someone say an 888…
Someone said a 401k.


Great guess… I didn’t even hear of the 2.0 until now.

(Y yo?2 yo.) #13

So does he get a regular mystery box or does he get something special??
Again, CONGRATS!!!
I like huge font.

Edit: The first was 99pt font, the 2nd was 1pt font.


Oh man I really wanted that but nice job and tell us what you got in the mysterie box and again. Ice job ;D