Nickel Plated Skywalker..........Truth be told!!

VsNewton Skywalker nickel plated…
Proper pics tomorrow
IMG_20130908_212602_000 by mullicabob, on Flickr
IMG_20130908_212710_731 by mullicabob, on Flickr

you did that?

I guess I should have titled it from “Powder to Plating”.

Do you plan to offer this as a service? Do you plan to offer other platings other than nickel?

I do plan to be offering nickel plating. As for other platings maybe down the road.

Whenever you do offer that I need a nickel plated wrath hahaha! Have you noticed any play differences with the nickel plating added, like vibe? Also you using electroless?

Not sure if it’s the picture or what, but how polished was the yoyo to start with?


Now soda blast it!

I have a skywalker coming your way for sure. And maybe more…


Does it look like unpolished nickel? Yes it does. Is it nickel? No its not.

Powder coated it tonight just to see how close it would look. It would be hard to tell the difference between this PC and unpolished nickel.

Yes I will be nickel plating, for real, in the not so distant future. In the meantime don’t over look the power of the powder.

Ok, that explains a lot. For powder, that’s pretty close… but nothing beats real nickel :slight_smile:


It would have to be passed off as unpolished for sure. I’ve seen a bunch of nickel in varying states and I definitely think you could pass this off as one of them.

I need to clear coat this one and see if it gets a little brighter which it should. Enough to be passed off as polished nickel? Doubt full.

I really was just looking to see if anybody may think this is real enough to be passed off as nickel. I kinda felt it may be a better test to say it’s nickel first then say it’s not in order to keep it from being tainted by the thought of it being powder coat. That was my idea at least.

Only thing right now from doing true nickel is not knowing where I’m going to be able to do it. Garage will be scheduled for demo or rehab of some sort soon. Just don’t need one more thing to find a home for when I have to pack my stuff up.

Should have a window of a few weeks that I can do some good work before the crap hits the fan. ::slight_smile:

Truth by told… no, not really. How about I share my opinion:

Personally speaking, I did not care for how the Skywalker looked. For some reason, that just didn’t look right to me. I like the look of raw metal yoyos. I do have a nickel Dingo and a nickel Silly Goose. At the same point, the work looks tremendously smooth and even, so that’s a good thing I suppose.

I do not for one second intend to discourage the work you’re doing. You’re taking chances and you know not everything will connect with everyone. For those doing mods, they need to try things and see if they succeed or fail. All I can say is just keep doing what you’re doing. Every effort is a positive learning experience and I think you should keep at it.

I think on many levels, that example is more success than failure.

However, I’m not entirely pleased with nickel as a finish anyways. I’m debating how to order the SR-71 when and if I choose to finally get around to purchasing one.

Fair enough. I was really just curious about how this particular powder would look as a nickel substitute. Nickel can be coaxed into several different states of finish of course and I feel this pc was along the lines of an “unpolished” nickel finish. Maybe a poor mans nickel if you will.

There seems to be quite the dividing line on the nickel topic. Some love it others don’t care for it at all. This pc may help some get over the hump with it. Clear coated it gets an even more polished look and again not clear coated gives you what you see. Unlike true nickel this will come of very easily if needed.

I don’t want to discourage you in the least. There IS a market for nickel plated yoyos. I’m a sucker for shiny, silver objects. My favorite jewelry metals are silver and platinum or very very white gold(10K).

I know that YYE has a soda blasted nickel Code 1 that I’ve been delaying purchasing due to my needing to get a new audio console(market demands, not mine. I love my large format analog desk!).

My main issue with nickel is that unless the yoyo is then blasted, it doesn’t grind, and I would prefer to have the grind option, at least that’s just me speaking. I think for others, having a nickel yoyo would be an ideal competitive yoyo as it’s flashy, catches the eye easily and lends another layer of protection(as does powder coating). I would think as you refine your skills, you will also find ways to mask off areas so you can leave some areas polished/smooth, and other areas would be grind-friendly. Now, when you get to that point, I’d be highly interested.

All I can say is that I highly advice you keep experimenting and trying new stuff and keep sharing. There IS a market out there. They just need to find you because you’re posting in the right place.

Sometimes I think there may be a camera in my garage and people are watching me!!

Something in the above statement is being worked on. I wont say what just yet of course but I do know the only other person who knows about it is my ten year old. He could care less of course. ::slight_smile:

So much for me Nickle plating :(.

Whys that? It’s a big ocean.

Eh yeah… But still…