Nickel Plating?

I was wondering if anyone in the US did nickel-plating? I wanna nickel plated yoyo. If you do, please post in this thread with a picture of at least 1 yoyo you plated. Thanks.

I’d contact the one drop guys and see who they use. From what I understand it’s a risky procedure. And, Nickel adds thickness, so throws that will be nickel plated are machined with that in mind - bearing seats, etc.,33912.0.html
no idea if he still does it. Contact him though.

I hope to be Nickel plating by Christmas. For now I couldn’t tell ya who does it other than some larger shops. But I’d steer clear of the industrial type places as to they would most likely take little precautions with your yoyo.

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I was thinking about getting a nickel-plating setup over the summer, but never got around to it.

And nickel plating doesn’t add much thickness. It’s something like 200 microns if I remember correctly.

You can get around the thickness problem anyway.

oh whoops, didn’t notice he was in the UK