Nickel Plating who wants it done?

My dad was interested in helping me Nickel Plate.

I am not officially doing this> I am not starting to do this (yet :P)

I am trying to get a idea if its worth it or not…

Who would like Nickel plating done?

I’m sure it would be worth it. Many people would be interested in this service if it was done correctly and came out nice. I would definitely be if I seem pictures of the nickel playing you’ve done. I say go for it

Thanks! I got to talk to my dad about the chemicals. And a friend who can do it.

Hopefully I can get started soon, maybe a month or so…

Ask me in a month or so.

Plating is dangerous. Be careful.

I looked it up a few months ago, and decided it wasnt worth it. however I encourage you to try! As you all know, MullicaBob is very skilled in the things he does, only releasing top notch works. Bad news for you, is that he will be plating soon, which will likely take most of the business.

Good news for you is that if/when Mullicabob starts plating he’s likely to be booked up fairly quickly and there definitely is still a need for this business! If you can do it safely and appropriately I think anything/everything is worth a try. Go for it!

Quality not quantity!


I do!

Why do people like nickel? Adds weight, potential for vibe, tarnishes easily, not as shiny or easy to care for as raw. Not sure i see an advantage. Owned a few nickel One Drops and never saw the appeal.

I would love to see someone nickle plate.

Some people like the tarnish, I’m not sure what I like yet. I think (not know) that if done correctly, it won’t add vibe.

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Thought about this again!

If I can get 10+ people interested in getting a yoyo done or other metal stuff I might start!

Let me know guys! Thanks!

Timing has been rotten for me lately. Had to put a few items on hold nickel being one of them.

I preferred the way both nickel plated y-factor and code 2 played and looked over their anodized counterparts. I also like the look of nickel, polished or tarnished. What else looks exactly like nickel? Why do people like variety? Because we are individuals, not clones. I have never played a nickel plated yoyo that was noticeably vibey.

The chrome powder coat I have looks a lot like nickel. I’ve yet to do a complete powder in it. The one project I did only had a small bit of it showing from under the other pc.

May need to whip one up this weekend. For comparative purposes of course.

mullicabob, you could make coyote scat look like diamonds based on what I’ve seen in your powder thread. That said, I still love nickel. ;D

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would need to know you’re price point first

I will send you all my throws for nickel plating, I LOVE Nickel!

Yeah I’d be interested but it would have to be good: