(NYT) NICKEL YOUR THROW HERE:Huge update . Peak . Campfire. project . Torrent

NEW update NYT ( nickel your throw ) I’m taking orders worldwide : please get in touch for quotes each job will be different : Best yoyo for outstanding result are Raw yoyos , the finish is like no other finish on the current market. durable resistance and tarnishes differently to other nickel yoyos .

prices and shipping will be discussed when you get in touch…many throws nickel plated please check B/S/T for some exclusive BG nickel edition yoyos available to you and very rare and usually 1/1 or 1/2 as these will be my personal yoyos examples available later on. ( this is usually nickel outer body and inner cup will be of a metallic custom colour )

current method is electroplated nickel , also available is Matt nickel which is very unique , in the future i will be able to provide electroless plating ( however the nickel on the current method is more unique shiny & amazing ) its just harder to do. check pictures. old to new ( the super shiny torrent and peak were plated on raw polished yoyos

thanks for looking
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Me, want. :o

Huge update look above !!


Wow, they look great!

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I haven’t updated in awhile . Here is a YYF AG I did for Adam few months back .

Nickel AG

HOpe this doesnt count as necro… but how much you charge for this?

hey does anyone kno if this guy still nickel plates throws?

The best way would be to send him a PM. He has been on recently.

I you can hang on I’ll be nickel plating in a few months.

I would recommend Mullicabob for anything. He’s great at that stuff.

Would nickel plating fill in little dings?

Would depend on the prep prior to plating.

Severely beaten yoyos would most likely show some signs under the plating. I can work wonders getting out dings and dents but it has its limits.

My Peak I happen to be working on was very beat. Will be mint prior to the powder coat I plan on doing to it.

Isn’t it possible to electrolessly nickel plate? I was going to try but idk where I can buy nickel salt

yess nickel plated Majesty here I come :slight_smile: