Nickel plated

I recently bought a MarkMont. NEXT as most of you know this only comes nicked plated. I thought I would give it a chance. After about an hour my yoyo was covered in finger prints. I tried to wipe them of with my sleeve but it didn’t help. I assume that this is normal but wanted to hear your thoughts about nickel plated yoyos or any advice you may have on keeping my yoyo clean.


What most people actually like about nickel plated finishes is that it ages with the user, as in the yoyo gets darker the more you use it. You can keep it clean by going over it with Mother’s polish every now and then.

Do u think u can polish one back ? Or just strip n mirror finish?

Just rub it with Mothers Mag, it’ll be back to new in 5 mins lol

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Nver-Dull works nice too.

Get an anti tarnisher

You will not mind it In a little while, if it gets really tarnished it looks really good, I will try to take a picture of my friends, now his looks good! :o

I always use silvo on my nickel throws… or any metal I want to polish.

Also the Markmont next had a soda blasted clear ano finish as well.

A polishing cloth works. For small cleanups.

I wanna see someone take a tarnished MMN or something else nickel plated and shine it back up. Anyone wanna demonstrate?

I recently did this with both a Smooth Move and MK3. I should’ve taken pics haha.

take yoyo. Put the cloth in mothers aluminum polish. Rub cloth over satined part until it turns black. DO this over entire yoyo. Wipe yoyo with clean part of cloth. SHiny new yoyo! :smiley:

Does anyone have pics of a tarnished nickel yoyo?

No, they’ve all been re-polished. :slight_smile:

Just so you guys know, I also know how to quickly tarnish a nickel plated yoyo :wink:

Is this without a darkening solution?

Wats tat.

Not sure how to make it, but its something to rub on it that makes it darker and darkker. How do you do it?

Soak it in flat coke for a few days lol

Wont it ruin the axle hole threads? ANyways I really want a nickel yoyo now