A question about Markmont Classic

Does anyone outhere has those lines on your MC? My MC is Nickel plated, and it has those brown lines already on it. I asked OneDrop yoyos, they said those lines are machining lines, so it cann’t be wiped out. So I have to stay with it. :’(
https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7443/16542278665_22624ec781_k.jpgWP_20150215_10_26_30_Pro__highres by jametrinh_magic, on Flickr

Could it be that your Nickel plated is like my Silver Plate Summit, where it tarnishes from playing time to time?

Thanks mate

I don’t know, I did try to wipe those lines with water, lighter fluid, but it didn’t work. I wonder if I polish it, will it work or not?

You need to try some sort of polishing solution

Be careful, polish may remove the plating. Try a small section first.

Yeah maybe polishing isn’t the right word. Something to remove tarnish, like for jewelry.

I’m surprised OD said that those are machining lines, that’s clearly tarnishing which is to be expected on a Nickel finish. Don’t try to get rid of it, the beauty of that finish is that it gets better over time, with each one becoming unique due to the different ways it’s handled by the owner. Learn to love it!

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I think you are right, the marks buffer out over time as the whole parts of the untarnished yoyo turn into the colors of the marks. I think the marks are just tarnished parts. Just keep playing with it.

I had weird marks on my silver plated Summit as well but in the rims of the yoyo; I’ve been playing with it quite a bit, the tarnished marks went away as the rest of the colors of the yoyo tarnished.

Nickel yoyos tarnish and get darker over time. It’s natural and happens to all nickel plated yoyos

Don’t be sad that it’ll tarnish. Think of it as something beautiful happening, a great transformation as you embrace playing with it.

Thank’s you guys, I just feel little uncomfortable with it, cuz it looks like some dirty lines on my clean MC. However, if it’s naturally tarnished line, I think I will acquaint with it. :slight_smile:

Not sure who said that but those are not machining lines. Looks like tarnishing to me.

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I mean, this is how my nickel plated Classic looked the day after I got it***, so I’d say yours looks alright: http://i.imgur.com/I7Da7LF.jpg

***note: I purposely tarnished mine.

Those lines on yours look like natural tarnish, which will continue to change over time. That’s the beauty of nickel and silver plated throws; their look is in a constant state of change that’s unique to your own throw. I chose to accelerate my tarnish, but building yours up naturally is something to cherish, not view as a defect.


wow, love it! :o

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Oh man, you MC looks like it’s rust to me, sorry for that :slight_smile: , but it’s unique, and great tho.

Idk, I got in touch with OD through FB, I took the picture to show it, then the guy who reply to me said those are normal machine marks, and machining lines can not be wiped out. However, it’s okay to me, if those lines just naturally tarnished lines. It’s just weird to me cuz I didn’t touch the hub much (I’m not a fan of finger or thumb grind), but only the hub is tarnished. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I like the tarnished look, saying it looks like rust isn’t a bad thing because I was going for that ‘distressed’ look, haha. Was mostly just pointing out that the tarnish can be something to embrace, not worry about.

That looks terrible, didn’t think it would tarnish that bad regardless of whether you used a substance for it or not. Is there a way to remove all that tarnishing?

Absolutely but I think the owner considers it a desired effect.

Am I the only person here who thinks that looks amazing? It looks like it’s an antique from a bygone era, I really really like it. Steampunk meets ‘golden galaxy’ kind of vibe… ;D

How does it affect the blasting?