nickel plating . shine or let tarnish ?

I have a wooly markmont on the way , was thinking about cleaning to shine . or letting get tarnished for an antique look . anyone have any nickel plated ? what looks better ?

I think that’s up for you to decide. I think they both look beautiful. Though I may be partial to ‘shiny’.

The cool thing with nickel is that if you let it tarnish and wish to shine it up again, all it takes is some Brasso and a bit of elbow grease.

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I vote Tarnish.It has character (certain traits)

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Shine it.

shine it a little bit… then let it tarnish. The more you use it the darker it gets and i think it looks amazing. It is like a progress meter of how much you play with a yoyo :wink: when it looks dark and undesirable to you shine it up again and it looks new… thats the magic of nickel plating!

I want a wooly markmont so bad! In the mean time I need to get another Markmont Next… traded mine away loooooong ago

Tarnish, tarnish, tarnish!