Oxodizing Nickel coated Markmont. Classic?

So guys i picked up a nickel coated markmont. classic, but i don’t know if i want to let it oxodize or if i want it to remain nickel shiny. I kinda want to oxodize it, but for some reason i can’t let go of the pretty fresh nickel coated look. I’ve been preventing oxidation by cleaning it lately. Could i see pictures of YOUR oxodized markmont classic? Maybe that will help me let it gooooooo

Keep it shiny. 8)

I can’t imagine the tarnish will affect weight distribution in any meaningful way.

But keep it shiny anyhow. :wink:

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I’m guessing that nobody really rushed to patina theirs besides me, so you probably won’t get many pictures. I posted pics in the original thread, but it’s changed slightly and lightened up a bit with play.

Here’s immediately after soaking in sprite for ~48 hours:

And after about a week of play:

As you can see, the cool colors have started fading away into just a darkened patina that’s lighter than just after the bath.

I still like the look of mine, but it’s not really something you can reverse… So I take absolutely ZERO responsibility if anybody tries this and doesn’t like it. I’m just posting these pics so you have an idea what it COULD turn out like, I’m not guaranteeing same/similar quality results.

Note that it will also probably kill the resale value, because it’s technically damaging the throw, and a lot of people probably don’t like that I didn’t “earn” the patina naturally over time playing it.

So if you’re skeptical, you’re probably better off not doing anything and letting it slowly patina itself as you play.

It’s also not something you need to do immediately. Honestly, I’d suggest you keep it stock for now. If you feel like doing this in a year or so, the nickel will still be there and will still patina the same way.

Side note, I can’t tell any different in how smooth it plays. If anything, the adjustment of side effects can create more imbalance in the throw than any microscopic changes in the amount of nickel on the throw will.

But I still don’t know. Should I let it oxidize or nah?

I have a Nickel T1 and I keep it shiny. I suggest you keep yours shiny until you are 101% sure you want to oxidize it because, as far as I know, it can’t be undone.

Okay. What do you use to clean it? At this point I’m just using baby wipes and toilet paper.

I’d just use baby wipes and a microfiber rag to dry it off good. Might even be able to just skip the baby wipes as well.