Taking Care of Nickel Plated Throws

Are there special things one needs to do to take care of a Nickel Plated Throw? If so, what are they? I am getting one today.


Try to keep it away from oxygen if you don’t want it to oxidize. I store my Summit in a jar of Coca Cola.

That’s interesting. Is the only time you take it out to play with it?

Or if I’m thirsty.


How do I know when I need to do something to it? I just leave my T1 in my bag and just throw it whenever.

You’ll need to polish it regularly if u want to keep it shiny.

Nickel yoyos are intended to be used and to tarnish naturally though. If that’s what you want you don’t need to handle it any differently then any other yoyo

  1. How do they tarnish? What does it look like when it happens?
  2. What kind of pollish might I use to keep it shiny?

They tarnish from oxidation. Handling speeds the process due to body oils etc. Wipe them off good after each use and they should stay nice longer. To polish, most any metal polish will work. I like Nevr-Dull.

like that

it’s pretty much black after tarnishing

it can be done artificially by placing it in coke

I had my Code 1 for almost a year now, and it hasn’t really tarnished anywhere but in the side effect hub.

If a yoyo tarnishes, will enough pollish help bring it back to it’s normal flashy state?

Yes, polish will make it pretty again.

Awesome. Because I plan on using it at Florida States and I want it shiny! :smiley:


Is that an actual tarnished nickelplated yoyo or just a joke? because it’s almost like painted black or something, I honestly can’t tell…
Never had or seen any nickelplated yoyo before (in person), hence the question.
Also about storing summit in a jar of cola…

I think that’s one of those “obsidian” MarkMonts. Basically pre-tarnished nickel. But eventually it will get about there on its own.