Nickel Plated Color Mods?


I happen to have a Nickel Plated Benchmark O by Onedrop. I was wondering if there is anything I can do to the nickel to make it turn into a red or any color from dousing it in a liquid or something.


Highly recommend that you don’t try to douse the yo-yo in liquid or something. Play with it as you would and a patina will come naturally.


Im thinking about getting a nickel plated throw for my next buy.

Would either of you have a before and after pic of the patina or really just a naturally patina stained throw.

I think I will like it either way, however I’m curious and would also like to make 100% sure I’m going to like the look.


Unless you wipe it down occasionally it will eventually tarnish. And most likely it will not be uniform. best to keep it shiny.


I have a little, very little, experience with nickel. I know from research there are ways to manipulate finish. Most of that is done prior to plating however. I have seen a few comments on forums about “pickeling” after the plating is done.

I know most of this involves dangerous chems so it should be mandatory to do the proper research prior.


I heard putting ketchup on it will speed up the tarnishing process, is that true?


I don’t have first hand experience with it but I would think so. Anything that has an acid in it will speed the process I’m guessing. Lemon juice perhaps?

Hell look what happens just when you touch certain metals.


I apologize for the quality of the picture. The lighting in my room is horrible.

Right DANG is tarnished.


None of my nickels ever tarnish, and I have a few of them…must be my perfect body chemistry…! :wink:



Just play it! I have never done anything to my Nickels, and they are all a dark patina with a purple tarnish.


Mine just gets fingerprints.


Oh you… ::slight_smile: