premature patina Nickel plated yoyo.... using flat Diet Coke?

So if you follow Markmont on FB - a little while back he posted a Nickel Cascade that had been soaked in flat Diet Coke for 20-24 hours… and it turned very dark… anyone else try this? Are there cases of failed attempts doing it this way?

I have a Nickel Code2 I’m thinking about doing… (I like my Nickel Cascade all shiny)…

Not sure how it could fail if the soda was flat. And even if it was carbonated, I’d imagine you’d just get a different patina pattern.

Go for it. Post pics.

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The acid in the soda is rather corrosive. Give it enough time it can damage most metals.

Personally speaking, Mark Montgomery can do whatever he wants with his yoyos. As for me, if I can get a Nickel Cascade, I like the look and want to maintain it. That’s just my take on things and how I like to take care of my stuff. I do think it’s great we have people willing to take risks and share the results. Thinking outside the box has often resulted in new innovations.

I’ve been planning to do a little experiment with the burnside and was thinking of stripping it afterward. I think I’ll try this method first to see if it works.

It would be cool to strip a MMN, then anodize it because you never see an anno’d mmn.

If I wanted a nickel plated yoyo I would plate it myself via home kit.

nickel plated like the slck ywet?

You should offer that. Lots of people like nickel plated yoyos.

Have more than I can handle now! Although I did look into it and it seems like a good idea just would be in the future.

How would I do a fade to jade using the flat diet coke method?? If anyone has tips let me know, I may try it.

I assume you just mean half of the side being dark? I’d get a wood dowel that fits through axle, find a bowl and set it across, fill bowl until half (of the yoyo half) would be submerged - and carefully not touch it for 20-24 hours… probably should figure out a way to be sure it doesn’t turn/rotate (tape or something)

The end of one of those disposable wood chopsticks fits the mmn axle hole perfectly and is soft so it can be screwed on.

Have you true it yet? If so why are the results?

I haven’t tried it yet. I’m a big fan of the nickel and don’t know if I should change its coloring yet.