Tarnishing Using Diet Coke...New Method? Need Help!


Hey Everyone!
I’m sure you’re all aware that you can tarnish a nickel played yoyo using flat Diet Coke. I was really curious today and was wondering…
Can I tarnish my Gold (kinda like the gold plated, it’s super glossy similar to nickel) Summit using flat Diet Coke?

I was wondering if it would work, and would it hurt my yoyo even to just test it out? I don’t think it would. If you know/have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them!

Let me know if you think I should test it out :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take one for the team (I’m pretty sure it won’t hurt the yoyo).


It won’t work. All you’ll end up with is a sticky yoyo.


Is it just anodized aluminum? If so, then no.


You can tarnish nickel with Diet Coke?..

I knew that stuff was poison, but geesh. >.<’


You can also tarnish it with your greasy hands… What does that tell you?


No because the gold Summits are anodized.


I drink too much Diet Coke!? :[



OP, the Summit isn’t gold plated or anything, its your average ano, except shiny and yellow.