Tarnishing (Would Like Answer ASAP)

Please note that I am trying to get this answered ASAP.

I have a Nickel Plated Yoyo that I want to attempt to tarnish. I remember a while back somebody (I am not going to say someone, I have been tricked like that too many times) did a tarnish on a Markmont.Classic but I can not remember how?

So, what is the best way to tarnish a yoyo that does not take forever and is effective?


diet coke

That’s what I am trying right now, but it loses its “fizz” quickly and only works for about two hours. I have to change really often.

I thought they had used Sprite, though I’m probably wrong

I did too, but all I have is leftover Diet Coke from some event thing.

There are some interesting ideas in this thread from a guitar message board. I guess “antiquing” new guitars is a thing.

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I would like to note that this yoyo is the same one with the stuck axle. So, my question now is, will vinegar work and if so, will it ruin the axle?

The Coke doesn’t need its carbonation to do the tarnishing… It’s the acid content that’s doing the work.

People have also done it with ketchup or mustard.

Don’t see why vinegar wouldn’t work. ANY of these acid solutions can corrode the axle. If you can mask off the axle somehow, you’ll be better off.

Make sure you understand the risks for the tarnishing! It’s not just a discoloration but a discoloration caused by a chemical process. If you get inconsistent results or even damage to the nickel plating, you need to own it yourself. “Well, I knew there were risks and now I’m paying the price.”

Vinegar=Huge Success

I will post pictures of the T1 when it is done.