How to tarnish a throw? Splash tarnish?

Ive hear mustard or diet coke? Has anyone actually tarnished a throw (not just by waiting over time) and can give me tips?

Those methods work for nickle plated yoyos. Not sure if you meant the post for that. And I know the diet coke must be flat but I don’t know the process.

Yeah, nickel plated yoyo

Its a Markmont.Next

I dont know the process myself, but I owned a nickle plated yoyo that was tarnished in flat diet coke. The tarnish gets more of a brown color to it compared to a normal tarnish from time.

Flat Diet Coke.


Rub it on there real good. Soaking it couldn’t here it though.

I’m also interested in learning how to tarnish nickel plating. I have an obsidian 54 where the rims are much lighter then the rest of the yoyo. I want the whole throw to look the same. I was thinking mustard, diet coke, or vinegar.

Flat diet coke.
Remove the axle, bearing, and response pads (pads will eventually just come out, so it’s not a big deal if you don’t remove them)
Put the yoyo halves into separate cups/bowls of flat diet coke. Let it soak there for a long time (over night? Maybe up to 12 hours, the longer, the darker the tarnish)

I, personally, prefer a natural tarnish.

Does mustard work, I’m very interested if a splash tarnish possible for my Markmont.Next

if you left it in too long, would it cause the yoyo to be pitted? Also, if you left it long enough, would it turn black?

I would suggest just doing a google search for “how to tarnish nickel”. The first link is actually to a thread on yye.;topicseen

Supposedly you shouldn’t mustardize a MMN. The platings too thin or something.

Play it everyday