One Drop Yo-Yos Markmont. Classic

Proud to present the new signature yo-yo from team member Mark Montgomery: The Markmont. Classic.

Available at YoYoExpert October 30th, 2014.

Through the words of Mark Montgomery:

“The Markmont. Classic is the brain baby of this oldschool(ish) player mixed with the genius of more then 4 generations of yo-yo advancement and the build expertise of David Metz and Shawn Nelson. The idea was to make a yo-yo that could sit next to the throws of past and still hold its own weight as a ‘classic’. To re-interpret the classic organic butterfly shape but meet the modern day throw play standards. Ultimately, this was a massive feat to accomplish that would eat up quite a bit more brain juice then anticipated, but in the end, the result is exactly as it was intended to be play wise and even aesthetic wise. A far departure from the original Markmont. and Markmont. Next throws, but still nodding to certain specific details like the flat outer faces of the rims and the stylized side effects to match the Markmont. Next to keep it in the family.”






Collector’s Edition (Limited to 100 Pieces)

Base Weight: 60.65 grams
Weight: 66.75 grams (with brass Markmont. Side Effects)
Weight: 63.50 grams (with aluminum Markmont. Side Effects)
Width: 45.06 mm
Diameter: 56.13 mm
Stock Response: Flow Groove
Gap Width: 4.32 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Bead Blast
Axle System: Side Effects™

Standard Edition: Starting at $95.00
Collector’s Edition: Starting at $110.00

Both editions will come with both brass and aluminum Markmont. Side Effects


FINALLY! It looks great and I’m liking the specs, and I love how it’s going to be beadblasted.

Now, to get the nickel or the beadblasted anodize. Aluminum or brass SEs. Decisions decisions…


I see the blasted finish, is it available in nickel also?

this. Or will it be?

So excited.

Edit: Just looked at the Specs compared to my Canvas (favorite yoyo, love it to death) and I’m now even more excited.

So someone on Facebook just asked if there will be a black finish, OneDrop replied “Keep an eye out on Wednesday.” Is that the release date?

I wonder if they can do beadblasted nickel…

Still won’t grind as well though :smiley: I’ll probably still go with the nickel either way though

Awesome throw!

I would love to see some etching on the sides like the original Markmonts though.

Won’t know until you try! =)

Blasted nickel grinds GREAT. :wink:

Thing looks beautiful. :slight_smile: The last spec to be curious about is price!

We’ll post pictures of some of the prototypes a little later down the road. ;D

King of the Teasers… Paul’s new title over at One Drop haha

Just release the dang yoyo already xD

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Haha :smiley:

Looks fantastic!

sees pictures I NEED IT!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

but in all seriousness, I love the way the shape/profile looks (kinda reminds me of the recrev neuae, but that’s prolly just me lol)

When I saw it I immediately thought Cascade x Markmont.Next

Hey! I was just wondering if it was possible!

Ah. Well I’m pretty psyched to see if the blasted version is it, or if there will be other finishes. Could see me spending quite a bit of money if there are several finishes available.

I thought 3Yo3 Baseline 2 x Cascade. This is just about what I expected.