Markmont Classic release?!!


I have been wanting a markmont. for a long as i can remember and have yet to find one :’(. But does this mean that onedrop is releasing a run of the classic markmonts like they did with the soda blasted projects?

I sure hope so!!!

or maybe it could be marks new signature which i would also be happy with.


They discontinued the as far as I know.

I’m expecting the Classic to be released in a few weeks, but I’ve heard it’s nothing like the Next in terms of shape and size but still has that Markmont vibe to it


What? A full sized Markmont?

(major_seventh) #4

Lol what a teaser


There’s one or two Next’s on the BST right now.


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There’s no doubt, it’s a new signature model as andy indicates.

The One Drop guys are pretty tight-lipped about it and building up suspense, but the teasers that Mark himself puts out along with other whisperings here and there and I have a sort-of-OK idea of what it’s going to be like. Sort of. And if I’m right, it’s a must-buy for me. :wink:


Well the original markmont is nothing like the markmont next. I’ve been trying to find and OG markmont…

Greg. Please. Tell me more!


Don’t do it Greg!


Muhahahahah rubs hands together

Let me just share the one piece of public information that put a smile on my face. Paraphrasing here, but Mark himself posted on FB that he really enjoyed playing Nate Sutter’s Orbitron 5000 at World’s… and gave the strong impression that the Classic’s design is influenced by whatever he identified as that “special something” the Orbitron had.

Beyond that, it’s just guesswork. Like, I’m guessing that the Classic will have a similar diameter-to-weight ratio to the Orbitron. Even as I try to make guesses, I can’t decide if it’s going to be a wide-ish yoyo like the Orbitron, though.


Awesome, the orbitron 5000 is one of my favorite laid back throws. I’ve always wanted something revamped like it.


Get out of here Paul. Haha just kidding. So can I have one on like the down low lol…

Well I cant wait for them to come out and I am definitely getting one


Just release this already so I can give you my money :smiley:


The Markmont and Next are extremely similar. Next was made on a lathe as opposed to the mill, a little beefier, with a new axle/nut setup.
Not sure where you’re getting this “nothing” alike nonsense. That’s like saying the Project and Markmont Project aren’t similar.


Well i honestly dont know where i was going with that post anyways because i have no knowledge of what the markmont is even like because i have never been able to try one. So sorry! haha


But the shapes and specs are pretty similar in itself. The Next WAS the Markmont[Project] 2 but they called it the Next.

The Classic is going to be a completely different yoyo made from scratch


really? cool. i personally wasnt the biggest fan of the next. dont get me wrong it was good it just didnt fit my preferences at the time.


Are you sure it’s going to be completely different?



No more onedrop people posting in this thread!


Let the man talk guys he is just giving us more and more clues to the final outcome :wink: