You tease.


I don’t get it.

Much teaser. Very onedrop. Such spin. Wow. yoyo dezin.


The original MarkMont.Next’s promotion was very strategic as they made 4 “promo” videos. The first 3 were Mark Montgomery about to throw but they would end it/blur it/not show it when Mark Montgomery starts to throw to keep suspense. This was probably the best way to promote a up and coming yoyo I’ve seen yet. It kept people wanting more with each video.

This is the introduction of a new Mark Montgomery signature yoyo, named the MarkMont.Classic and I’m assuming they are going to do something similar to promote it, and this is the beginning.

You can watch the promos for the MarkMont.Next here to better understand what I was talking about:

Watch “MarkMont.Next preview 1” “MarkMont.Next preview 2”, and “MarkMont.Next preview 3”. Those 3 lead to the actual promo video “MarkMont.Next Revealed”

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Thank you! :slight_smile: Now I get it haha. I’ll watch the videos.

Yea, it’s pretty cool :smiley: very smart move from One Drop

Now I’m personally dying to see and buy this yoyo. The MarkMont.Next was my first high end metal and it’s very dear to my heart especially since it was given to me, and I can’t wait to see an updated MarkMont signature

Any more news on this?

Does Classic = Plastic? Like a MarkMont Rally?

I doubt it. I think it’s just the name

Markmont Project, Markmont Next, Markmont Classic

I was thinking I saw some videos of Mark using some plastics. Thought maybe he was interested in a plastic signature model. What would make this yoyo “Classic”? Classic, in what he has been using? A blend of the Project and the Next?

Just throwing out ideas, antsy to learn more about this one :smiley:

If you are going to PNWR, go find Mark and ask to see the protoype.

Nope wont be there. But maybe someone who is going could find out :smiley:

Im thinking Classic as in it is similar to his 2 previous signatures, indeed classics, but much improved

Anyone able to catch Mark at PNWR and see the proto?


I also love the MMN as it is one of my first yoyos.
I have tried to get rid of it a couple of times now but just can’t do it. That’s how good this yoyo is.

As for the classic? It would be sick if it was a really traditional, organic shape.
This would make sense seeing as the MMN its self is slightly organic shaped.

It would be super cool to see a plastic tho.
MMN shape with rally price point and smoothness! One can only dream…

Honestly I’d love to see the shape similar to the MN, but with a midwall and increase the dia a bit to midsized. Similar to the Cascade, which I know Mark loves

OneDrop posted this on their instagram. Is that the Proto?

Mark Montgomery surprised us all when he walked through the door this morning. #classicmarkmont #onedropyoyos

Must be.

I hate to say it but it looks like a slightly large MMN without the ridges…

Just looks like a MMN to me