OneDrop - MarkMont Next | Review

The original MarkMont Project was a slightly tweaked version of the OneDrop Project. It held the same relative shape and specs, a slightly heavier frame, and a nickel coating. The MarkMont was hugely popular for many reasons including the play feel, durability, clean look, and the person the yo-yo is named for. Lets face it, Mark is a cool guy. If the original MarkMont was named after Carrot Top, it would probably not be nearly as loved. Over the last year, OneDrop has been hard at work at a new MarkMont yo-yo. The initial speculation was that OneDrop would nickel plate a P2 and call it done, but instead they redesigned the original MarkMont, updated the tech, polished the details, and after a year of prototyping and a brilliant three week marketing campaign, the MarkMont Next was released (and instantly sold out). OneDrop sent me a MarkMont Next for review and I will freely admit right now that this yo-yo had me waiting on pins and needles to get it into a review session. I want to play it, write about it, and photograph the heck out of it. Review

Always loved your reviews, and I’ve always loved One Drop. And I know that I’ve probably said this a thousand times, but as soon as One Drop makes something that’s not small, I’m all over it… twice.

The 54 is coming, I think it is just what you are looking for.

agreed. Full sized OneDrop is just around the corner