Onedrop MarkMont Next

This is my very first yoyo review and also my first high-end metal. YoRed generously gave it to me since I couldn’t get a better yoyo than my Yoyofactory Velocity. Of course, I was very excited to be getting my first high-end metal. So when I first got it, it wasn’t new, but the few minor dings were sanded out and I assume it still plays the same as when it was fresh out of the box. When I got it, one of the response pads were gone because they fell out so I just put in some silicone. Again, I don’t think it plays much differently if any differently from when it first came out of the box. Alright, with that said, let’s continue on with the review. The Onedrop MarkMont Next or MN was released on August, 2010 and was Mark Montgomery’s 2nd signature yoyo. This is basically the original MarkMont(MarkMont Project) but with a few tweaks.

First Impressions/Looks
When I first got it and held it in my hand, man it was amazing. This thing feels so smooth it’s crazy. It felt so smooth I couldn’t wait to try out grinds to see what it was like. I loved the look too, I couldn’t wait to try this thing out. The MN at 67 grams is on the heavier side, which i like. Another thing I like is the MN is nickel plated, which I think looks real nice, and is soda blasted. Since it is nickel plated, the finish will darken and change overtime as you use the yoyo due to the oils in your hands that react to the nickel when touched. Overall, it feels really smooth, and the look is solid.

Diameter: 50.04 mm
Width: 40.2 mm
Gap Width: 4.34 mm
Weight: 67 grams
Response: Flow Groove (as I said in the Introduction when I got it one of the response pads fell out so I just replaced it with silicone, just a heads up)
Bearing: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing Size C


I apologize if the quality is bad, I took them with my iPad.

So here’s some differences between the original MarkMont Project and the MarkMont Next. Nothing major has changed but there are a few small tweaks, with the shape remaining unchanged. Some things that were changed were the response system, the axle system, and the weight. The response for the MN was changed from their original .555 pad system to the flow groove response pads. This, was designed to work and feel like flowable silicone. As for the axles, they changed it to an all new axle system that was made for the MN. Lastly, the weight of the MN was increased by 1 gram. There were also a few very minor changes. Some of which were the diameter which was increased by .04 mm, and the gap decreased by .06 mm

The MN plays absolutely amazing. It is extremely smooth and has no vibe. It’s on the heavier side, and you can definitely feel it at the end of the string, so it isnt really floaty but that’s alright, I still like the heavy throws. What I really like is this thing does not tilt, making tricks a lot easier to perform. Along with that it has a nice spin time too. Rejections are okay, but not great. Same for grinds, grinds don’t last very long, especially arm grinds, they only last a good 2 seconds or so. Finger grinds can last up to 5 seconds max. Thumb grinds are kind of hard to do but are still possible and last a little longer than finger grinds. Even though grinds don’t last that long, it’s so smooth when you do them it feels like the yoyo isn’t even moving. Binds are tight, and the overall play is smooth, balanced, and stable.

-great looking
-great feel, very smooth surface
-smooth, steady play
-no vibe
-nice sleep time
-no tilt
-tight binds

-short grinds, a little difficult to thumb grind

Sadly, I have no other high-end metals to compare this too, and the MN obviously blows away my Yoyofactory One and Velocity. However, the MN still looks great and plays great. It’s basically a MarkMont Project, with a few improvements and changes. Nice long spin time, no tilt, absolutely no vibe, this is a great throw and I highly recommend it. You’ll be playing with this for hours and hours on end, I know I have. Due to the nickel plating, the color will change over time to show your true dedication and love for the MN and throwing. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a Onedrop MarkMont Next!

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked my review! Comments, Questions, Concerns, Suggestions?

I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THIS WAS YOUR FIRST REVIEW!!! IT WAS JUST TOO FREAKIN GOOD! In all seriousness, this was an awesome first review!

Thanks man! Means a lot :slight_smile:

Thought was review was spot on. I had a markmont next before and agree with a lot of the things you mentioned. Just like to say its a really good review and like the difference section.

Thanks! I added thatpart because I thought somebody would be curious :slight_smile:

Added a pros and cons list and a few extra edits here and there. Tell me what you think of my review guys! If anyone has comparisons theyd like to share, that’d be great :slight_smile:

good review buddy!

Okay… Your review was well thought out. But I must help a little from my point of view.

  1. Your Markmont next looks like P.A.L.M edition.
    This was a limited release that plays far better then the nickel plated version.
    This just my opinion.

2.Regeneration and thumb grinds become more fluid with practice that’s with both version.
The nickel plated version does depending on humidity or weather will have some difficulty so please keep in mind.

Attached with my reply is the Nickel version.

No, I do have a nickel plated version, and I guess you are right about the thumb grinds but I just found it often slips off your thumb if you don’t tilt it a bit, even if you get into it by doing a trapeze

Above is old link with P.A.L.M.N soda blast link.
I have two of the 4 versions that one drop made I wish I could have them all its a really great yoyo.