Live Chat w/ Mark Montgomery - TOMORROW at 8PM EST!

André Boulay will be hosting a LIVE CHAT with yo-yo professional Mark Montgomery to talk about his upcoming yo-yo release the MarkMont CLASSIC!

It all happens October 28th from 8PM to 8:30PM EST
(that is 5PM to 5:30PM PST).

Do you have a question for Mark?

Respond here on the forum with your question - it just might be asked in the interview!

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I love the picture of you on the box with an afro. Any plans to grow one yourself? :smiley:


what or who inspired you to start yoyoing on this scale.

What do you look for in a good yoyo as far as diameter, width, weight, etc.?

What are you going to be for Halloween?

What made you decide on “round” as the shape of your new signature yoyo?


Any tips for growing a sweet afro?

When is the new Markmont w/ Markmont Classic video coming out? ;D

nudge nudge Mr. Paul Dang ;D

im not sure if you will be able to answer this, but what (if any) is your favorite non-Onedrop yoyo? Btw, dragon/draken string is awesome :smiley:

Reason for going full sized?

Do you see yourself competing again at some point in the future? If anything at least for the fun of putting out a new freestyle.

Who came up with the mastermind marketing scheme?

Favorite color of the Classic?

What is your trick making process? and how long can it take you to create a new trick? Who are your inspirations for creating tricks?

Oh yeah how do you access the chat when it’s online?

Any advice for yoyo players that are planning on getting to a higher yoyo level?

Mark, waywt?

Is the Markmont a good competition competitor, if so what is so great about it that allows it to be able to compete at higher levels of competition play?

From our friends on instagram!

adrianvelez_ - How long does mark practice everyday? What goals was he trying to meet while making this yoyo? And is Adrian Velez one of his favorite players? I should be top 5.

carbar45 - Lol, how many different hair styles have you had?

brianmelford - How does it feel being black?

troytheyoyoguy - I know youre a busy man. Do you ever find it difficult to juggle both your yoyoing career and your work? Do you feel like your personal life is holding you back from certain yoyo goals or do you feel like you’re meeting your goals accordingly?

e_graham - Alright I got one: Besides your signature throws, what are your other favorite One Drop models? BONUS QUESTION: Why don’t you post on Instagram? Hahaha… DOUBLE BONUS: @morgannewton wants to know if the flat top is easy to maintain?

mikemonty - If any, what non-yo-yoing activities does Mark draw inspiration from for yoyoing? Example: a 2a player may be able to leverage poi skills to improve their 2a tricks.

backspace_101 - What type of personal process goes into trick creation?!