Does silver plating tarnish?

Does the silver plating offered on some of one drop’s throws tarnish or change in color over time?


Just clean/polish it periodically.

If you go I to Google or any Search engine and just type in, ‘Does silver plating tarnish’…?

Amazing :wink:

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I am not sure that the tone of this message is fair. We are not talking about silverware here. It is entirely posible that OneDrop might somehow alter the process to prevent this from happening. How does this person know if OneDrop used pure silver or an alloy designed to prevent tarnishing?

He asks… :o

^ Is there any such thing as an “alloy to prevent tarnishing?” I always thought there were alloys to make it “resistant” to tarnishing (rhodium), but the tarnish over time is inevitable.

I’m really curious what alloy “prevents” silver from tarnishing? I have some silver jewelry, so I’m eager to know.

It will tarnish period!

it’ll tarnish noticeably faster than nickel plating

if you want to get rid of tarnishing use toothpaste. It gets it all shiny again my mom does this with old jewelry all the time.

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Thanks, but this thread reminded me to put that old silver jewelry on Ebay haha. I never wore it anyway, and it’s not even worth the trouble. I’ll just stick to white gold if I want that look for the day.

For the OP, he can polish the throw up again, or enjoy the new tarnished look. I presume the same options you’d have with a nickel plated yo-yo. :-\

All such alloys reduce tarnishing.

Additives include: Copper, Zinc, Indium, Cadmium, Titanium, oxides of the aforementioned…

The reply I was referring to, however, was condescending in tone. It implied that all silver plating, regardless of alloy, would tarnish at the same rate. Furthermore, the implication was that this was common knowledge. That is false. Very low tarnishing alloys like Argentium are relatively new products. I thought everyone knew that though…

Well that was remarkably unhelpful.

I was well aware of the fact that normal silver plating tarnishes over time, but was unsure whether or not a yoyo (something coming into frequent contact with one’s hand) might have some sort of coating to protect the silver plating. So when I did type “does yoyo silver plating tarnish” into google, i found no helpful results, saw this picture, and came here. Note the first words of the product description.

The silver plating we offer on our yoyos does tarnish - a lot! We have to use gloves and special precautions to not put finger prints on them when assembling. As with nickel plating, you can either let it tarnish or you can use a metal polish to keep it shiny.

Speaking of which, anyone have a picture of their tarnished silver plated One Drop yoyo?

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^ From what I just read above, nothing will “prevent” tarnishing. So, Yoyodoc’s comment was not condescending at all. He was providing a faster way to get the answer, which is actually proven to be a simple “yes.” He never commented about the rate silver would oxidize, and he never implied it. The OP never asked about the rate it would oxidize either. It was a yes or no answer.

Even better than Google, with good key words, I would have also suggested an email to One Drop for a faster reliable answer. After all, they did research on the material they are using. But, it looks like One Drop found him instead. :slight_smile:

My suggesting a Google search on a subject was simply that. Go to Google, type in ‘does silver plating tarnish’ and learn more about the subject of the question. It was/is not talking down to anybody. And it certainly does not ‘imply that ALL types of silver tarnish, regardless of alloying or whatever’.

Yoyogeezer states, ‘The reply I was referring to, however, was condescending in tone. It implied that all silver plating, regardless of alloy, would tarnish at the same rate. Furthermore, the implication was that this was common knowledge’.

Geezer; how you pull this Lunacy right out of thin air; I don’t think I can google an answer for that, lol.

You sure made up a convoluted, imaginatively inaccurate, distorted and completely erroneous story type explanation of ‘what you assumed I meant’.

Geezer; have you ever suggested to anybody, to use a search engine to find possibly useful information?

Or do you just let people figure it out themselves; out of fear they may feel your suggestion might seem condescending?

Not sure what motivates you to be my personal Moderator?

But making something out of nothing; seems to be a specialty of yours.

Using my posts for target practice is quite amusing to me.

PS… And the rediculous admission from Eli Flops that he found the suggestion of using a Search engine ‘remarkably unhelpful’; only validates the obvious: Geezer tries to make something out of nothing and Flops tries to make nothing out of something.

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I love the old timers duke it out on here; sure gives me a larf.

The concept of silver-plated yoyos certainly intrigues me. Personally, I find the patina of silver slightly more attractive than tarnished nickel (I’d love to get a silver Summit and compare it to my nickel one).

Hopefully David (or something else in the know) can answer this: is the silver plating thicker or thinner than that of nickel? I know that nickel plating is around 0.0005" thick (correct me if I’m wrong).

Also, how much weight does silver plating add compared to nickel? I know that neither are pure elements, but silver is almost double the atomic weight of nickel, so I figured that there might be a difference in weight.

and right now someone on this forum is making a thread asking what cotton string is made from.

pssshhhh, everyone knows cotton string is made of rubber. a duh.

I’ll check my dimensions. All depends on bath time.

If you find out, let me know. Egyptian, mercerized, etc.?