Best way to remove silver plating from yoyo?

EDIT: Nvm, I am going to keep the silver on, it’s my most expensive yoyo at the moment for a good reason.

Why had you considered removing the silver plating? Just curious

I hate when it tarnishes, I have to polish it when it does. I wish it was silver forever!

This is the best option. Removing plating requires acid and current. Not something you should attempt at home with no experience.

Word has it that it’ll come off sooner or later just from using it…

Otherwise you probably don’t need acid or current. The plating is so thin that you should be able to rub it off with 1000-grit and a bit of work. :wink:

Sometimes I cringe in this place.


I know you have good intention, and really, there is no such thing as a bad question, but I honestly clicked in here like >:(

If that was for me, Bob: the silver plating on One Drop yoyos (and they’re the only ones doing silver plating as far as I know) has been simply coming off without much extra work, owing to a combination of friction and maybe sweat… I don’t know TOOoo many people with hands dripping with sweat as they yoyo, though…

If it’s coming off that easily, a super-fine abrasive and a bit of work ethic will get the job done. You can “sand” off an entire anodize that way, so a thin and seemingly fragile silver plating should be even less work.

Probably best to rig it up to go into a drill press chuck for even work, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world. :wink:

Not for you Gregory!

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