Tarnish Silver Plated Yoyos

I have a silver plated Summit and I’ve put countless hours into playing it and only the inside and rims of the yoyo seem to be tarnished while the outer part of the yoyo where I never touch doesn’t tarnish. I was wondering how I can tarnish all around my yoyo, rather than tarnish the only parts I touch while playing.

Hope what I said was understandable, I am not very good at describing things.

you gotta touch it all over :o

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Just keep playing it, everyone’s body chemistry, play habits and environment will cause each yoyo to wear differently. That’s what makes it unique.

I. Think this link might help but some of the ideas seem a little outrageous.

A few days ago I bought Silver Polish and Microfiber cloth from Target. The outcome? SHINY!