Rust and tarnishing

I’m curious to find out about maintenance of the metals used in yoyos. What I mean is, for example, a raw yoyo, when it tarnishes and you clean it, does some of the metal wear away? Is that the case for nickel plated yoyos as well? I keep my yoyos in tissues so they don’t scratch, but does this remove ano and does ano eventually wear off? Also, for brass rimmed yoyos such as the Leviathan 4, would the brass rims oxidise or are they anodized? I know I may sound stupid but I don’t know much about this, so help would be much appreciated.

Generally you will not remove any metal if you clean up tarnish with a mild polish. Yes, technically you will but it is so miniscule it is not measurable. Using sandpaper, yes you will. You can use 0000 grade steel wool to clean up a badly tarnished yoyo w/o damaging the surface. Mostly the same for nickel plate as well, though if you polish too aggressively, too often you will remove the plating. Brass will tarnish like raw aluminum, clean the same way. Storing a yoyo in tissue will not harm the ano. Extended use may cause it to fade or wear. Don’t clean ano with an abrasive polisg or cleaner.

For polishing I like Nevr-Dull.

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