Anyone do nickel plating anymore?

Seems to be a lost art now… no one does it. I want to get raw yoyos and have them anodized, but I’d rather have them nickel plated. Unfortunately i dont think anyone on here does nickel plating anymore… anyone have any clue of who i can reach to do this?

Mullicabob said he will in some time.

there is probably someone in your state that can do it…

luckily i live in a big city… anything i want is within an hour drive. Nickle plating included.

You could also find a shop that plates stuff and ship it to them… it doesn’t have to be a person that does only yoyo’s.

I’d go for gold plating myself though it’s not as expensive as you’d think.

I can start nickel plating if someone tells me where I can get nickel salt!

Copper would tarnish very nicely as well if you get it copper plated