NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


How do I find this?

Also want to say what a great time it was. Nice to put faces to the names. I will be attending more!
Have to call out gizzyo and Patrick though. Was hoping to see you guys there. Maybe next time


I “friended” Adam on facebook, and saw he was tagged in a photo described as the meet. Here it is:


NH yoyo club has a Facebook page we also have a website I will post some pics on there as well it is www.nhyoyoclub.webs.com


I had a GREAT time today!!! SO nice to meet so many new people. NH knows how to throw a fun club!! Fellavader be proud brother. Your hardwork has paid off man!!! I was VERY impressed!! Love the venue and love the “laid back” feel!!! So much fun!!!

BPG thanks to you and the wife for taking me in today!!! You guys are great as well!!!

TA… Always great to see you as well…

408 VERY nice to meet you man!!!


I love my Yelets! Thanks!


Glad you like it!!! That is a special yoyo man!!!


The Halo is also very nice!


Hey… Because I didn’t make it…

Here’s a video!


Wow…someone’s been practicing!!! No wonder you’re always running out of string, Shadowz…you must be playing non-stop.

So…I’m officially starting to geek out for the April 20th meeting. Anyone else?


aka “Sir LotsaString”


I sure am!!! With NER just a few short weeks away. The 4/20 event will such a fun event for sure!!! I am officially getting my inner “geek” on for you!!!


I made a cameo at the end.

I am definitely coming.
And I hope to meet you as well! (If I haven’t…)


Yes April 20th is going to be awesome. Just got a confirmation today Eric Koloski will not only be attending but will be judging as well!!!


Awesome! It will be a great event! I plan on doing a 1 min freestyle!


Video is sick!  Love it Matt  ;D


Thanks!  I’ve been trying to get a lot smoother and flowy as you can tell!  ;D

Exactly a month till the contest guys!


Definitely smooth and flowy too.  Maybe I’ll see you there.  :slight_smile:


About 3 weeks till NH yoyo club contest. Man I am excited. See you guys at NER this weekend.


What is the date for next club meeting? You havn’t updated on the first page yet…


Updated the title page. April 20th 1-4pm. We will be holding a contest. Hope you can make it.


I can’t believe it 5 Days left till the event!!