NH yoyo club!! Meeting Monthly in Manchester, June 20, 2015 2-4pm


I like you too Bpg. I like you too.

But I may like your daughter more. :wink:


Now how much fun would that be… Do you like yoyos from Eugene??


If it’s a Yelets, you Matt Giroux will make me the happiest kid in the world.


HEHE Ok well you have your hint and I will leave it at that… :stuck_out_tongue:


Shadowz, it’s gonna be a long road to inherit my yoyos. You’ll have to wait another 14 years at minimum. :stuck_out_tongue:


aka " :slight_smile: "


Whats this Matt maybe coming to NH yoyo club. Think we need to put the pressure on him to show up!


Matt or Matt?

Which one?

I think I will be coming!


You would be shadow matt I was talking about matt G


HEHE I am most certainly not a “shadow” Matt :stuck_out_tongue:

So fellavader tell me more of this “world famous” diner I keep hearing about in Manchester???


Ooh… Which famous diner? The Puritan Backroom? I need to know!


Puritan Backroom and I have a trouble past.

Red Arrow!!!


aka “Grease Lightning”


Red Arrow Diner. It is always a stop when presidential candidates come through Manchester it was also on the food network show Diners Drive ins and Dives. Good food for sure.


I’m pretty sure I can come along with Surge57 (Franky).
I am looking to buy second hand throws so bring any you might want to sell(:



Ohoh…can one of you little monsters please bring a kendama tomorrow? I’d like to try one. Despite all of mgiroux77’s whining.



aka “Mr. Just Realized At This Very Moment He Sounds a Bit Like Lady Gaga”


If anyone needs a little mineral spirits, I will bring some, but you have to bring a clean little jar to put it in, one with a lid that screws tight. I will also bring my own jar, if you just want to bring a dirty bearing you want cleaned. I will be fashionably late haha.


Dang it… Sorry guys… Looks like me and Manofmystery will not be making… Plans were changed… Sorry guys.


Yep Avo and I will be there. I am also looking to trade for/buy some second hand throws ( spyy addiction in particular).


Dang, wish I could have come. I hope to be at the meet on the anniversary.


I wish I could have as well…
I am certainly going to be there.


I saw a pic of the meet on Facebook, I wish I could have come… But, I will be going to the contest on the 20th!